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Patient Safety
Avoidance of Medication Errors.
  • A temperature indicator produces a reversible color shift that shows when a defined room or cooling temperature has been reached.

  • Integrated tamper protection indicates first opening of the pen by means of a tear strip that encloses the cap. Integrated overt or covert anti-counterfeiting features confirm the authenticity of the pen.

  • Integrated label parts serve to remind the patient to regularly check the contents. In addition, the labels can be applied to the patient’s medical records for documentation.

  • A special varnish and tactile elements improve grip of the label surface and assist the patient in safely handling the pen.

  • The integration of an NFC chip allows interactive possibilities such as communicating important user information or documenting patient compliance.

  • If the pen has a transparent window to check the medicine, the contents can be protected against UV rays by a two-layered label.

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Pens and autoinjectors are designed to make life easier for patients and to assure reliability of use. Therefore, quality and safety are top priorities when developing these products.


The specialty labels by Schreiner MediPharm combine many functionalities in a single label to enhance safety and ease of use. The integrated features are precisely tailored to fit the specific requirements of the manufacturers. Examples of value-added benefits include first-opening protection, a temperature indicator, window for checking the contents, anti-slip effect, detachable label parts and counterfeit protection features.


The multifunctional label solutions for injection systems precisely address the requirements of manufacturers and are customized to suit the needs of end-users. As a development partner, Schreiner MediPharm supports its customers early in the concept phase to find the optimal solution. An intelligent label design may even serve as a design element of the pen or autoinjector.