Robust RFID-Label

Stable RFID label with special security structure to protect the RFID chip.

Reliably Protected for Highest Performance: The Innovative Robust RFID-Label

Mosaic image with vials in pharmaceutical production and Robust RFID-label with visible protective structure.

Schreiner MediPharm's Robust RFID-Label is an extremely stable and at the same time very flexible smart label for pharmaceutical and medical technology applications. The RFID chip is equipped with a special protective structure that absorbs mechanical stress and impacts, and protects the chip from damage and functional failure. This means that the smart RFID-Label can be reliably read at any time – from production to end use.


  • Integrated protective elements that absorb mechanical loads
  • Flexible and thin label
  • Applicable for all RFID technologies and antenna geometries


  • Reliable RFID functionality reduces the risk of failure
  • Suitable for existing label designs
  • High protection especially when used on round containers, such as vials and syringes
  • Enables simplified integration into existing manufacturing processes

Layered Design of the Robust RFID-Label with RFID Protection Structure

Illustration of the layered structure of the Robust RFID-label with RFID protection structure
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▶  Robust RFID-Label Tests Extensive tests for robustness and label function by our research + development department

One RFID-Label – Multiple Applications

The key-lock principle enables the insulin pump to recognize the correct medication.
Communication between device and medication (lock-and-key principle)
A robot searches for a drug in stock.
Automated inventory management (supply chain management)
Woman uses a smartphone to check whether it is an original medicine.
Authenticity protection and first-opening indication (authentication)
An NFC label on an autoinjector is read with a smartphone.
Smartphone-based user support (Patient Centricity)

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