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Custom blinding solutions for neutralizing clinical trial samples in vials, syringes and blisters.

Blinding Solutions – Reliably Neutralizing Investigational Drugs in Clinical Trials

Pharmaceutical chemist creates test compounds for clinical trial.

For valid study results to be obtained in clinical trials, the active ingredient and placebo must not be distinguished from each other. For this purpose, the investigational drugs have to be neutralized. This is a challenge, especially in case of transparent containers. Schreiner MediPharm's customized blinding solutions reliably neutralize investigational medicinal products – whether in vials, syringes or blisters and can be combined with additional functions.

Before/after comparison of vials blinded with special film.

Blinding of Vials

To blind vials, they are wrapped with a special film. Color and opacity are customizable. The extremely flexible solution can be adapted to different bottle and vial sizes as well as shapes.




A two-ply label wrapped around the syringe blinds the investigational product contained within.

Blinding of Syringes

Blinding of syringes in clinical trials is particularly challenging. The syringe contents must be visible and yet neutralized. At the same time, there should be sufficient space on the syringe for comprehensive product information. The ideal solution is the two-layer Euro-Label with integrated blinding area and a convenient starter tab that is wrapped around the syringe.

The test preparations are easily pressed out of a blister blinded with special film.

Blinding of Blisters

Special blister films are used for safe blinding of blisters. They are fully opaque and cover the blister reliably, are adapted with an absolutely precise fit and can be easily pushed through. For comprehensive product information, a Booklet-Label can be added, into which additional detachable documentation labels can be integrated.

Use Case

Syringe Blinding for Clinical Trial from Sanofi

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