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Safe maneuver instead of blind spot

Pressure Compensation Seals for Venting of Radar Lane Change Assist

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are installed in housings of varying sizes and diverse plastic materials. Effective venting of the sensitive electronics combined with protection against external influences requires specific membranes: Schreiner ProTech offers an extensive portfolio of pressure compensation seals (PCS), which are either self-adhesive or welded to the housing using ultrasonic technology.

Anytime a driver changes lanes there is a risk of an accident due to blind spots. To minimize this risk, modern vehicles are equipped with radar lane change assist systems to warn drivers of obstacles near their selected direction of travel in response to their steering input or use of the turn signal. The systems, for instance, activate warning lights in the side-view mirrors and cause the steering wheel to vibrate in order to alert drivers to impending hazards. As a result, a driver is able to still abort an initiated lane change in time to avoid an accident.

Pressure Compensation Seals Ensure Effective Venting of the Electronics
Effective venting of the sensitive electronics combined with protection against external influences requires specific membranes:  Various materials and versions are available. The broad portfolio for instance offers the opportunity to provide a PCS HighProtect (PCS HP, with a special channel system for venting) with a TTR-printable surface. This saves space on the small housing and the customer only eeds to perform one processing step instead of the previous two (application of the PCS and application of the marking). In addition, the PCS HP meets the requirements of IPX9K and is thus perfectly suited for outdoor uses.

The experts at Schreiner ProTech always look at the entire requirement in order to develop a perfect turnkey solution for the customer—from the size and design of the PCS to its application to functional testing and documentation: with all aspects covered by a one-stop-shop the safety-relevant functions of lane change assist systems are permanently ensured.


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pressure compensation seals by Schreiner ProTech
Various examples of pressure compensation seals by Schreiner ProTech: They ensure reliable pressure equalization in housings of lane change assistants, for example.

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Lane Change Assist

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