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Schreiner Group Makes Clean Sweep in 2020 FINAT Label Competition

FINAT Awards: Three First-Place Awards for Schreiner

The presentation of the 2020 FINAT Awards was a resounding success for Schreiner Group. The high-tech company based in the Munich metropolitan area convinced the jury of its product entries in three categories: The Autoinjector-Label and the Covert-Hologram Seal from Schreiner MediPharm and a translucent Color Film with a value-adding function from Schreiner ProTech each received a first-place award. The annual awards are presented by the European Association for the Self-Adhesive Label Industry (FINAT) that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

Schreiner Group went home with no fewer than three prizes from this year’s awards ceremony of the FINAT Label Competition, although the expression “went home” was not completely appropriate: For the first time in FINAT’s history, the awards ceremony was held without guests and an in-person audience, but streamed online. Even though, due to corona, the setting was unusual for everyone, it was a gratifying and memorable occasion. Schreiner Group was represented by Dr. Josef Adelsberger, who leads a research and development team and, as a winner, was on camera during the event.

One of the awards went to Schreiner MediPharm’s Autoinjector-Label for TEVA in the “Pharmaceutical” category. This label featuring special abrasion protection was developed by Schreiner Group’s business unit for TEVA, a globally active Israeli pharmaceutical corporation, for the purpose of ensuring permanent legibility of all the vital user instructions and product information. In 2019 the label had won the TLMI Award. Another product entry from Schreiner MediPharm, the multifunctional Covert-Hologram Seal, was award first place in the “Security” category. Due to an initially covert holographic effect, this label provides reliable, irreversible tamper evidence for pharmaceutical packaging and additionally features covert counterfeit protection elements.

Another award went to a translucent Color Laser Film from Schreiner ProTech in the “Industrial” category. This product entry is a partially light-permeable marking solution that permits backlighting of customized inscriptions or symbols and, due to its double-sided adhesive coating, additionally functions as a component bonding technique. It combines the positive properties of the classic Color Laser Film (CLF) with the benefits of translucency and the performance characteristics of Schreiner ProTech’s bonding solutions.

For President and CEO Roland Schreiner, the prizes once again underscore the innovative prowess of the family-owned and managed company: “I’m delighted about these awards because they show that our products stand out in a wide range of sectors. This is great motivation for all of our employees.”

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Three first-place awards for Schreiner
At the FINAT Awards Ceremony that was only held online this year Schreiner Group was presented with three first-place awards.

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Schreiner MediPharm’s Autoinjector-Label for TEVA

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Schreiner MediPharm’s Covert-Hologram Seal

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