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Innovative Technologies for RFID-Labels and Systems

We design customized high-tech labels with integrated wireless technology.

Schreiner LogiData: Competence Center for Innovative RFID Solutions

Innovative RFID solutions by Schreiner LogiData

As a development partner and manufacturer in the field of “Radio Frequency Identification” (RFID), Competence Center Schreiner LogiData designs, develops and produces customized RFID-labels and systems as well as track & trace solutions for optimizing processes in warehousing, logistics, material flow and production control in cooperation with Schreiner Group 's business units.

All RFID solutions provide greater transparency and cost-effectiveness for individual processes or across the entire value chain. They are always tailored to individual requirements. This results in solutions that are always one thing in terms of shape, printing, durability, adhesive behavior, chip technology or technical functionality: tailor-made. Special requirements such as tamper-proofing, personalization and encryption – the possibilities are almost limitless.

"Thanks to our comprehensive system know-how and years of experience, RFID solutions are created that are precisely tailored to your needs—with multifunctional performance features if desired."


Innovative Wireless Technology – Integrated Into Customer Labels

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. An RFID system consists of an RFID transponder and an RFID reader—which communicate with each other on different frequencies. The corresponding inlays are very thin and flexible and can be integrated into almost any label.

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Schreiner LogiData:
The Partner for RFID Solutions

Together with the business units, Schreiner LogiData will be happy to provide you with advice and support. The range of services includes the following:

Consulting service

Even before you decide in favor of RFID, experts will provide you with detailed information in workshops or information sessions on which RFID solutions can bring your company the greatest possible benefit.


A strong concept is the basis for a good solution. When developing your individual RFID solution, Schreiner LogiData takes a holistic approach: The entire value chain with all stakeholders is included in the considerations and precise targets are set.

Process analysis

In an in-depth on-site analysis of the existing processes, the RFID implementation potentials are examined.

Feasibility study

In preparation for a system deployment, Schreiner LogiData conducts extensive reading tests with RFID readers and flexible antenna equipment to determine the physical suitability of RFID-labels in real customer processes.

Pilot phase

Before being deployed in your company, each RFID solution can be thoroughly tested in an extensive pilot project on request. For this purpose, Schreiner LogiData has a professionally equipped test lab.