Printed Electronics Adding Value to Your Business

Functional features and esthetic appeal – not necessarily compatible in the past, printed electronics are now combing both aspects.

Printed Electronics for Your Needs

Design shapes our everyday lives. The exterior of a product is an important element of differentiation, influences brand identity, makes esthetic experiences possible, and supports easy, ergonomic operation. Thus, exterior design is one of the key factors of sales success but, particularly in combination with functional features, is taking center stage now even more than ever before. Whether it comes to conductors, resistors or other technical features – films can be printed with any desired property, while remaining light, thin and flexible – one of the basic prerequisites for space-saving installation in a wide variety of products. A brief overview of the technology’s capabilities:

  • Creation of transparent and opaque electrically conductive structures
  • Utilization of materials as sensors or actuators: as a result, certain materials emit light (electroluminescence) or move (printed loudspeakers)
  • Production of batteries and solar cells by means of printing technology
  • Achievement of complex electronic functions by printing of semiconductors (transistors)

Printed Electronics for Labels and Functional Components of Your Products

Today, functions have to be integrated into products in a way that minimizes space requirements. Minimal weight and very small shapes and sizes strengthen products in international competition. The solution that perfectly fits these needs: “printed electronics” products. Compared with conventional technology, printed electronics provide a crucial advantage: their low height of less than a millimeter. The structure of the electronic functions is reproduced on a specialty film. This film can be integrated into existing components – for instance, by direct injection molding or by application as a self-adhesive solution. This opens up new opportunities to businesses – for instance, in the following fields:

Pharmaceutical Industry
Functional labels for patient compliance monitoring

Automotive Industry
Space-saving film-based controls in automotive interiors

Consumer Electronics
Integration of entire control units into the housings and surfaces of any device – contactless slider functions and touch sensors create a new product experience

Schreiner PrinTronics: Your Partner for Printed Electronics

Schreiner PrinTronics develops and produces innovative film systems with integrated electronic functions. Materials such as silver, carbon fiber and insulations provide the basis. Drawing on comprehensive expertise in the field of printed electronics, we will support you in achieving efficient functional solutions. We print and measure some 100 million conductor paths per year for our customers – electrically measuring each line. Our use of statistical process control ensures high levels of process capability – particularly for the automotive sector.

Working together in a Spirit of Partnership
Together with you, our experts will plan and make pioneering technology of films and systems reality in which functions such as light emission, switching, conducting, measuring and displaying are already integrated. This results in solutions that enable and support functional as well as visually appealing design. As a development partner of leading international companies, Schreiner PrinTronics is focused on customized solutions for exacting demands. A solid partnership is built on trust. The greater the complexity of the challenges to be tackled in a joint project, the more important is a business partner with in-depth knowledge of your company, your industry and your requirements.

Idea and Analysis
Every project starts with an idea. Thanks to many years of experience gained from a large number of successful projects, Schreiner PrinTronics is able to provide you with expert consulting support and develop initial visions together with you. Schreiner PrinTronics will develop solution concepts for your business based on your vision and your requirements. The joint development process will be kicked off by a feasibility study and an analysis of the application and its environment. Based on their results, a powerful and economical overall solution for optimum integration into existing processes will be created.

Schreiner PrinTronics draws on a capable research and development team. Thanks to its support, even complex project solutions required on short notice can be effectively launched on time. They will be developed in close coordination with you, as we will involve you in all the steps right from the beginning of the project. Schreiner PrinTronics combines the specialized know-how of experts in the fields of chemistry, physics and electrical engineering, as well as specialists in printing, die cutting, material and adhesion technology. External network partners, such as companies specializing in the complete development of components or electronics and software connections, complement our offering and ensure that you will receive the best possible solution.

While the development process ends when individual components enter the stage of regular production, Schreiner PrinTronics keeps developing previously found solutions to new levels. Even though a system has been successfully implemented, Schreiner PrinTronics will continue to supports its customers, always aiming to be a reliable partner and to successfully launch new projects together with them again in the future.

Schreiner PrinTronics offers businesses both single and complete solutions. We draw on a wide range of expertise to ensure that they precisely meet the respective requirements profile. The following developments are examples of the cooperation between in-house and external experts: connections to analysis and control electronics, and innovative injection molding solutions.

In addition, we are members of oe-a (organic electronics association) – an expert network that brings together comprehensive know-how for the future of printed electronics.

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