Company Philosophy

Company Strategy

Concentrated Competence
The Schreiner Group umbrella brand extends across three business units. Drawing on in-depth market knowledge, they serve their customers as capable development partners and reliable quality suppliers. In addition, Schreiner Group’s business partners benefit from the know-how and resulting solutions offered by specialized competence centers.

Schreiner Group’s competence centers are focused on utilizing and driving the further development of specialized technologies, and delivering customer-specific value-added services. Due to the close interaction between the business units and the competence centers, the entire range of Schreiner Group’s consulting expertise is available to every customer.

Corporate Values

Our corporate identity is characterized by the four values: innovation, quality, performance and enthusiasm.

Our idea of innovation does not only refer to the development of unique products, but also to intelligent processes and creative solutions. Every employee is motivated to contribute new ideas and see the bigger picture beyond his area and the day-to-day business.

Quality is a basic attitude. Schreiner Group has focused on quality always and everywhere - in the building facilities, the machinery, the continuing education of employees, and even in the food in the canteen. The aspiration to continually improve in all areas is reflected in our high-quality products.  

Innovation through intelligent processes and creative solutions
Quality is one of Schreiner Group's core values.

With a modern and extensive range of machinery, varied special competences, our own research and development, as well as highly competent employees, we fulfill even complex customer requests quickly and reliably.

We offer an environment in which it is a pleasure to work with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners. Schreiner Group defines itself as a big unit that is successful by enjoying its work. As an agile family-owned company we create a modern environment for our employees with exciting challenges and diverse development opportunities.

Schreiner Group's performance is a result of a modern and extensive range of machinery, varied special competences as well as our own research and development.
Schreiner Group offers an environment in which working with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and partners brings enthusiasm.


Staff executive Sigrid Stredak and President and CEO Roland Schreiner with the BVDM Award "Apprenticing Company of the Year"

We strongly believe that innovation and people make the difference. In order to ensure innovative and sustainable growth, we at Schreiner Group thrive to create a positive environment, a family friendly company culture, as well as modern working conditions. For years, we have received various awards for our contributions as an attractive employer.

Training enjoys a particularly high priority at Schreiner Group. We train young talent in ten apprentice positions – and we do this with proven outstanding success. In the past ten years alone, five of our apprentices had the best examination results in all of Germany. Ten percent of our employees are former apprentices.


For decades, we at Schreiner Group have been committed to being ambassadors and pioneers for environmental protection. Despite our strong growth, we have reduced our carbon output by 65% over the past eight years. Our portion of renewable energy has increased from 15% to 52% in the last eight years and should continue to increase. Further reductions of the annual CO2 mobility emissions of the company’s fleet are to be achieved through the utilization of several electric vehicles and offers of job tickets at reduced rates for public transportation. To further boost e-mobility, in 2020 we installed nine charging stations for electric cars for service vehicles, employees and visitors.

Our years of activity in the field of climate protection have been honored with numerous awards, including the silver medal of the “Munich for Climate Protection Club” and the “Lean & Green Efficiency Award.”

Social Responsibility

We at Schreiner Group are strongly committed to our home municipality of Oberschleissheim near Munich. As the largest employer at the Oberschleissheim location, we support numerous social and cultural projects at preschools, schools, sports clubs, or church congregations.

Above all, we believe that encouraging qualified junior employees is an important aspect of social responsibility.

Maintaining Tradition

But also centuries-old traditions such as the Coopers’ Dance and the “Printers’ Baptism Celebration” continue to be practiced sincerely by us. Schreiner Group has supported the old tradition of the Coopers’ Dance, which according to legend originated in 1516. Back then, Munich was overrun with the plague. To bring pleasure to the people and to bring life back to the streets, the coopers danced throughout the city. Every seven years, most recently in 2019, the barrel makers of Munich perform the dance of their guild in their colorful costumes as the guests of Schreiner Group.

Another tradition from the craft guilds dating back to the middle ages lives on with the “christening” of young printers after the completion of their apprenticeship – the so-called “Printers’ Baptism Celebration.” By taking a bath in a wooden tub, young printers are symbolically cleansed from the “mischievousness, propensity for mistakes, botched jobs, and sloppy work” of their apprenticeship.