Schreiner Group purchasing

Values, Principles

The Purchasing Department supports Schreiner Group’s competitiveness by optimizing the overall costs of goods and services procured. We are the initial point of contact in any matter concerning procurement – for both our internal customers and for our suppliers. Our Purchasing teams are focused on material groups, classified by production materials (incl. supplier development), indirect materials and capital goods for operations.

 Procurement Portfolio

  • Self-adhesive plastic film stock from PE, PP, PET
  • Inks and varnishes for commonly used printing techniques such as flexo, screen and book printing
  • Injection-molded parts
  • RFID upstream products (inlays)
  • Adhesives

Our Ideal of a Supplier

Schreiner Group is an innovative, highly capable and globally active quality supplier to customers from a wide range of industries, extending from the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology to logistics, mechanical engineering, telecommunication, the electronics and automotive sectors, to banks and government agencies.  

Suppliers are important partners for Schreiner Group to satisfy the exacting expectations of its customers.  

Therefore, Schreiner Group classifies its suppliers in four segments, according to the Schreiner suppliers’ pyramid.

  1. Preferred Partner:
    Very close relationship in a spirit of partnership with consistently growing sales
  2. Strategic Supplier:
    Supplier of important products with close collaboration
  3. Qualified Supplier:
    Suppliers of production parts and suppliers with development
  4. Basic Supplier:
    Potential suppliers in the marketplace

For Schreiner Group, long-term availability of the materials and downstream components used in its products, and open communication of possible changes at an early stage, provides the essential basis for a viable customer-supplier relationship.

Schreiner Group continuously improves internal and external processes in consideration of various certifications and standards together with its approved suppliers. Performance and quality capabilities of suppliers are measured in an annual rating.  

Schreiner Group prefers suppliers that are certified according to IATF 16949. DIN EN ISO 9001 is a minimum requirement.

Schreiner Group is also committed to environmental protection and certified according to  ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and EMAS. To promote its commitment to environmental protection and occupational health & safety, Schreiner Group prefers suppliers that are certified as well, or have published respective statements.

In addition, Schreiner Group requires its suppliers to be committed to sustainable and ethical business practices. The “Code of Conduct” which, in spite of varying legal and socio-cultural environments sets the same high transnational standards for environmental protection, occupational health & safety and employees’ basic rights, and prohibits corruption and bribery as well as child labor, provides a tool for respective compliance. Beyond this obligatory basis, Schreiner Group strives to achieve consistent, sustainable improvement together with its suppliers.


General Requirements for Viable Customer-Supplier Relationships

  • Business relationships are specified and safeguarded by contractual agreements such as NDAs, blanket agreements, supply agreements, QAAs, Last Buy Options, etc.
  • Long-term delivery capacity without potential changes to the material or product supplied, its formulation, specification, manufacturing location or production process. Any changes must be communicated to Schreiner Group immediately and in writing.
  • Execution of mutually agreed projects and achievement of mutually agreed targets for efficiency, process and cost improvement, and for product quality enhancement across the entire supply chain.
  • We expect any shipment to arrive exactly on the agreed delivery date, in clean, transport-proof and flawless packaging.
  • Collaborative participation in audits
  • Support for development projects and initial sampling according to APQP/PPAP including provision of know-how, sample materials, small volumes for pre-production and initial runs
  • Information about processed raw materials and ingredients for IMDS, REACH and other Substance Negative Lists
  • Conclusive, current specifications for any production material according to Schreiner requirement
  • We expect fast and substantive handling of complaints in the form of an 8D Report. This will be based on a comprehensive root cause analysis of the defect(s) and implementation of effective corrective and preventive actions.

Supplier Portal

Schreiner Group utilizes a modern eProcurement system to optimize its purchasing/sourcing processes. Suppliers can use the portal to participate in the bidding process for available tenders, update their master data and communicate with their respective commodity buyer.

Electronic Catalogs

Schreiner Group utilizes electronic catalogs to procure indirect materials, preferably using BMEcat catalogs from selected strategic partners. In addition, we will include suppliers via OCI on a case-by-case basis.