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Paint Mask
Paint Mask for Automatic or Manual Application
  • Use TTR-printer for printing blank label on reel

  • After printing: pull off silicone masking paper from liner

  • Fold liner to close both sides along perforated lines and press together, fold back liner and tear off

  • Paint component, after painting, pull off paint mask from TTR-label, using the grip flap

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Paint Mask for Automatic or Manual ApplicationPaint Mask for Automatic or Manual Application


Components are frequently marked prior to painting to ensure that they can be identified throughout the entire process. Consequently, the marking must be readable before, during and after passing through the paint shop. 


The paint mask film congruently covers the marking to be protected and thanks to the combination with an over-laminate provides durable protection against mechanical damage for permanent readability. If automatic application of the paint mask is not feasible the foldable paint mask for manual application is the best solution.


  • Suitable for use in multiple painting and drying processes
  • Can be applied to oily substrates
  • Resistant against normal pre-painting cleaning processes
  • Individually imprinted with text describing application of film and tab
  • Easy post-painting, post-drying peel-off using tab
  • Suitable for high-temperature applications
  • Adapted to all commonly used painting methods: spray, powder and cathodic dip painting


Full-Service Package

For congruent application of the paint mask films, Schreiner ProTech offers the printing and laminating system that is perfectly adapted to your process. It combines the two process steps of label printing and application in a single pass.