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Marking, Labels and Nameplates Overview

Marking, Labels and Nameplates

Customized labels mark various products, make it possible to identify them, and allow for careful documentation of a variety of actions and processes – for instance when installing technical elements in cars.

From single- to multi-layer composites, from analog to digital printing techniques, as colored or monochrome versions, due to a large material mix and diverse machinery, Schreiner ProTech meets practically any customer requirement.

PreScript labels are marking solutions which are pre-printed with all the desired data. PolyScript labels on the other hand provide space for customized subsequent printing using TTR or inkjet printing techniques at the customer’s site. Variable text, numbers or codes are printed, generated and managed as required as well.

Challenges include difficult substrates, harsh environmental influences or labels that are subject to official approval.

Our Pre-Polyscript product demonstrator visualizes the various elements that can be integrated into a parts marking solution.

Examples of the various fields of application and related system solutions can be found here:

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