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PIN Scratch/PIN Scratch HologramPIN Scratch: Effective and Reliable


Knowledge of a secret code or PIN (personal identification number) can put financial advantages into the hands of the wrong people. That's why it is important to be able to clearly detect whether a card with a covert PIN has been tampered with on its way to the recipient.


PIN Scratch consists of a transparent film with a printed scratch-off layer ? a solution that is as easy to handle as it is secure. Security slits prevent any undetected removal and repositioning of the label. To eliminate any possibility of penetrating the label with a very strong light source, the scratch-off layer is designed to be absolutely opaque. Depending on the customer's requirements further security features can be integrated in the label. To upgrade the appearance of the label and to further complicate matters for counterfeiters, the label can also be imprinted with heat-sensitive inks or equipped with a hologram.


  • Very high printing quality
  • Customer-friendly scratch-off (no smudging or dirty fingers)
  • Absolutely opaque
  • Individual design options
  • Very high degree of anti-tampering protection
  • Extremely quick processing on all common dispensers
  • Material and adhesive can be adapted to the card material
  • Short delivery times