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When dispatching letters with secret codes, for credit, debit or cell phone cards for instance, it is extremely important to ensure that nobody is able to access the PIN (personal identification number) before it reaches the recipient.


Void labels provide a secure cover for the PIN as well as clearly visible evidence of any attempt to remove the label. This is achieved by the integrated void effect, a covert text that irreversibly emerges when the label is peeled off for the first time. In addition, the PIN Void label is particularly versatile. One or several scratch-off fields can be integrated into the label. Customizable void effects and color shades of the film also offer a wide range of design possibilities.


  • Extremely high anti-tampering protection
  • Individual design of VOID lettering (with regard to design and color)
  • Absolutely opaque barrier coat (scratch-off or scratch-proof surface)
  • Premium printing quality
  • Quick processing on all common dispensers
  • Material and adhesive adjusted to the individual application