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PIN Void Hologram

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PIN Void HologramPIN Void Hologram


When mailing PINs (personal identification numbers), service providers are not only concerned with anti-counterfeiting protection. The high-quality appearance of the product also plays a major role.


The PIN Hologram cover consists of a transparent film with an imprinted scratch-off layer whose surface features a hologram. This holographic scratch-off surface can easily be removed by the final user with his or her finger nail or a coin. Holograms are available in a multitude of dimensions, designs and motifs with fore- and backgrounds.


  • Individual holographic designs
  • Completely opaque scratch-off surface
  • Quick processing on all common dispensers
  • Eye-catching labels with great promotional effect and high recognition factor
  • Security features based on light diffraction structures combine uniqueness with a high levels of anti-counterfeiting protection