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Vehicle Registration and Proof of Maintenance.
((rfid))-3rd License Plate

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((rfid))-3rd License Plate((rfid))-3rd License Plate


Vehicles without legal registrations cause major damage worldwide—from tax losses to vehicle thefts to increased security risks such as circumvention of access controls. These issues call for effective measures to deter and provide faster proof of fraud and wrongful use.


To complement the conventional metal license plates at the front and rear of the vehicle, the 3rd License Plate is applied to the inside of the windshield. Consequently, it is located in the protected interior of the vehicle. External license plates are easy to steal, copy and reuse for illegal purposes. With the 3rd License Plate, this is not possible without a special effort. In addition, it offers safeguards against non-destructive peel-off, so proof of registration is protected against illegal access. The self-adhesive seal, for instance in the size of a credit card, bears the vehicle data issued by the vehicle registration authority. Due to sophisticated security features, which may be complemented by additional elements in customized formats, it is protected against tampering and counterfeiting. As a basis for reliable authentication, the 3rd License Plate may cover additional purposes, such as proof of insurance, proof of taxes/fees paid, parking permits, toll fees paid or access control.


  • Application-related: the product can be customized in modular form according to the required security level and individual needs.
  • Easy overprinting of variable data using thermal transfer printing
  • Stability: UV- and temperature-resistant
  • Durability: permanent adhesion
  • Small size: requires only minimal space on the windshield
  • Aesthetic appeal: clean and neat look due to state-of-the-art printing methods
  • Tailored design: customized print image toward the windshield and vehicle interior
  • Variability: information in human-readable form and/or via 1D/2D barcode
  • Security: integration of anti-counterfeiting features and tamper evidence
  • Contactless readability and extensibility with valueadding features: integrated RFID chip with antenna