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((rfid))-Headlamp Label Global

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((rfid))-Headlamp Label Global((rfid))-Headlamp Label Global


RFID applications in areas like parking, tolling, 3rd License Plates, etc. are typically supported by labels that are applied to the windshield. RFID windshield labels or 3rd License Plates used in the automotive sector cannot readily be applied to motorbikes due to the lack of a windshield. Metallic substrates impede RFID reading.


To complete the range of RFID labels available for automotive windshields, the ((rfid))-Headlamp Label Global may be used. Affixing the transparent label to the surface of a suitable area of the headlamp is a practical means of providing RFID functionality.

The RFID chip bears the data programmed by the issuing authority or by Schreiner PrinTrust. Additionally, printing of human-readable text or 2D codes is possible. As a result, additional purposes such as parking permits, toll fees paid, access control, 3rd License Plate, and proof of insurance or of taxes/fees paid can be covered.


  • Stability: tested acc. to typical automotive standards incl. UV and temperature resistance
  • Durability: permanent adhesion
  • Small size: requires only minimal space on the headlamp
  • Aesthetic appeal: high-tech, clean and neat look
  • Customization: printing according to specifications
  • Variability: information in human-readable form (OCR) and/or via 1D/2D barcode
  • Security: tampering attempts become visible due to security slits
  • Contactless readability and extensibility with value-adding features: integrated RFID chip with antenna