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((rfid))-Document Label

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((rfid))-Document Label((rfid))-Document Label


The demand for advanced RFID functionalities to make processes more efficient is constantly growing. The fields of application of fully automatic document verification via RFID are widespread and include, for instance, fleet management, car sharing as well as the verification of membership cards of sports and other clubs.


((rfid))-Document labels enable the easy subsequent upgrading of any kind of identification documents by RFID. This technology allows for automatic verification of ID cards or driver's licenses. The ((rfid))-Document label is simply attached to the ID card or driver's license. The adhesive was selected to ensure reliable adhesion to plastic cards as well as paper documents. Any kind of information, such as a unique user ID, can be programmed on the RFID chip. The stored data allows contactless and automated verification of the marked document which significantly reduces administrative work. Optional security die-cuts further complicate removal without destroying the label.


  • Reliable: top transfer performance over short distances
  • High-quality: robust product compound for a long service life
  • Secure: data encryption and security kiss-cuts make tampering much more difficult
  • Small: takes up very little space on the badge
  • Attractive: neat and clean appearance provided by state-of-the-art printing methods
  • Verified: certified security and quality