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User Experience Overview

User Experience

  • Patient Adherence and Medication Compliance

    Compliance with a therapy plan prescribed by a physician, and the correct and regular intake of medicines, play a major part in the successful outcome of medical treatment. If patients are not compliant, additional health problems can arise. The success of clinical trials may be impaired as well. Patient compliance monitoring ensures that the intake of medicines is consistently checked. Schreiner MediPharm offers solutions that support patient compliance.

  • Patient Centricity

    In line with a growing trend toward self-medication, the patient is becoming increasingly important. This entails a higher demand for medicines that are easy and convenient to administer. Furthermore, increasing digitization leads to changes in user behavior and empowers the well-informed patient. Schreiner MediPharm offers solutions to assist the patient.

  • Process Optimization in Healthcare Settings

    Complex processes and permanent time pressure in daily healthcare settings put a major strain on healthcare staff. Products that can be easily and safely dispensed can help reduce this strain. Schreiner MediPharm offers solutions that relieve healthcare personnel in their daily work.