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End-to-End Supply Chain Integrity
  • SecuMed²: An example of integrated counterfeiting protection

  • DualColorShift: Customized color-shifting inks

  • KeySecure: Internet authentication with value-added benefits

  • Embossed, holographic images

  • LaserSecure – machine-readable proof of authenticity

  • Thermochromatic inks: Temperature-sensitive printing

  • LaserHighSecure: PC-supported authenticity marking

  • Integrated detachable documentation labels for tracing the authenticity of the drug in the patient’s medical records

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Susanne Höppner

+49 89 31584-5852 +49 89 31584-5852

SecuMed/SecuMed²SecuMed and SecuMed²


About 10% of the pharmaceuticals sold worldwide are fakes, according to estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO). Innovative solutions which allow fast and reliable authentication of original products are required to effectively combat product and brand piracy.


SecuMed and SecuMed², the sample labels by Schreiner MediPharm, demonstrate the combination of several security technologies into effective counterfeit protection. The security concepts are based on a multi-step system of overt and covert authenticity features which facilitate authentication by the patient, physician or pharmacist. This helps to protect the patient’s health and to safeguard the pharmaceutical company against image loss and unjustified warranty claims.


Integrated security solutions by Schreiner MediPharm offer a large number of combination options. The customized combination of various security features guarantees reliable counterfeit protection for each use case that optimally addresses the customer’s specific requirements without impairing the brand presentation of the product.