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Printed Electronics
Printed Electronics

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Patient compliance monitoring plays an important part in ensuring that patients are taking their medicines correctly and regularly, and supports therapeutic success. 


Schreiner MediPharm develops functional labels with printed electronics for diverse packaging concepts that make electronic monitoring of medicine intake possible. The integrated conductive lines are connected to a small electronic unit which receives a signal when a conductive circuit is interrupted. This is the case whenever a tablet, vial or syringe is removed from the pack. The corresponding data is transmitted to a database. Via NFC (Near Field Communication) the information is transmitted to an NFC-capable smartphone which indicates to the patient and the physician that a medicine has been taken at the right time and in the prescribed quantity. If the database receives no message at the predefined time, a reminder can be sent to the smartphone to alert the attending physician or pharmacist. 


  • Customized implementation
  • Individual adaptation of the printed electronics to the respective packaging
  • Guaranteed heat resistance, flexibility of the materials used, and push-through capability
  • Smooth automatic processing in commercial production