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Schreiner Group Products: Customized Solutions

The Schreiner Group business units offer customized solutions for countless industries.

  • Booklet-Label on a small vial

  • Booklet-Label on a syringe

  • Booklet-Label on a cardboard box

  • Booklet-Label for blister packs with self-destructive film for easy push-through function

  • Pharma-Wrap: Wrap-around labels with extended text area for small and medium-size containers

  • Euro-Label: Multi-layered labels for small and medium-sized containers

  • Laser-Booklet-Label with special film for efficient, highly resistant subsequent laser marking

  • Booklet-Label for pens and autoinjectors for flexible adaptation to diverse shapes and designs

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Due to legal requirements, pharmaceutical products have to be marked with a lot of essential information. In many cases, such data must be available in several languages. In addition, clinical trials, which are typically conducted on an international scale, require extensive descriptions in the respective national languages.


Pharma-Multi-Inform are specialty labels by Schreiner MediPharm with an enlarged area for text. Their multi-page design allows extensive information in several languages.


Cost savings through process optimization as well as higher flexibility and efficiency of pharmaceutical product usage. Instead of numerous label versions in different languages only one multi-lingual version is required.