Auch in der Corona-Krise ist die Schreiner Group weiterhin für Sie da

Liebe Kunden, Lieferanten, Partner und Mitarbeiter,

die derzeitige Corona-Krise stellt uns alle vor große Herausforderungen. In der momentanen Ausnahmesituation hat die Schreiner Group zwei große Ziele, an denen die gesamte Belegschaft intensiv und engagiert arbeitet: der Schutz der Menschen und die Aufrechterhaltung der Lieferfähigkeit.

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Schreiner Group continues to stand by your side also during the corona crisis

Dear customers, suppliers, partners and employees,

The current corona crisis confronts all of us with great challenges. In the present emergency situation, Schreiner Group has two major aims that our entire workforce is pursuing with intensity and dedication: protecting people and sustaining our ability to supply our products.

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Go to Schreiner PrinTrust’s Press Room for updates on our use of advanced security technologies to help fight crime. Please let us know if you have any questions or require information about additional topics. 

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Contactless payment is gaining ground in Europe and the Czech Republic, where more than two million contactless payment transactions will be recorded this year, is playing a pioneering role in this field. ?eská spo?itelna, whose customers can conveniently settle small charges thanks to the NFC-Sticker developed by Schreiner PrinTrust, has been instrumental in this. Compared to contactless credit cards, the MasterCard® PayPass® NFC-Sticker offers greater ease of use – with equal security.     Read more

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Oberschleissheim,  31.03.2014

NFC-Sticker as an innovative payment tool

From April 6 to 9, the International Card Manufacturers Association will be hosting the ICMA EXPO in Fort Lauderdale. One of the key topics there will be the influence of NFC and mobile payment on the card manufacturing industry. Schreiner PrinTrust will be showcasing a solution that combines the advantages of contactless cards with the convenience of integrated NFC solutions for mobile phones at the exhibition. The NFC-Sticker turns any handset into a cashless means of payment which is readily available and works in the existing payment infrastructure.     Read more

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From April 6 to 9, the International Card Manufacturers Association will be hosting the ICMA EXPO in Fort Lauderdale. One of the central topics at the exhibition will be the United States transitioning to the EMV standard in order to prevent credit card fraud and skimming by reading magnetic strips. The PIN protection solutions by Schreiner PrinTrust ensure that the personal identification numbers (PINs) reach the consumer without having been compromised. The opaque PIN covers deliver maximum processing and tamper security, customized design options, modular security levels, as well as ease of use by the consumer.     Read more

Schreiner PrinTrust

Infrastructure, traffic management, security and parking are the focal topics at Intertraffic 2014 in Amsterdam from March 25 to 28. Schreiner PrinTrust will be showcasing its label solutions for efficient vehicle management at the exhibition: ((rfid))-Windshield Labels for automatic access controls, electronic billing for parking facilities or toll roads, and efficient fleet management; counterfeit-proof toll stickers (vignettes) and labels for application behind glass that deliver reliable proof of authenticity and tampering protection.     Read more

Schreiner PrinTrust

From February 24 to 27, Schreiner PrinTrust will be showcasing the latest generation of the NFC-Sticker at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Simply attached to a mobile phone, the NFC-Sticker turns any handset into a cashless means of payment. As Schreiner PrinTrust fulfills the requirements of MasterCard®´s Global Vendor Certification Program the label can be used like a contactless credit card at PayPass™ terminals worldwide.     Read more