Oberschleissheim,  14.04.2016

Robust ((rfid))-RTI Labels for the Güdel Group: In-Process Performance Metric Improved Thanks to Schreiner ProTech

Robust ((rfid))-RTI Label on a tire tray.

Schreiner ProTech supplies customized ((rfid))-RTI labels (RTI = Returnable Transport Items) based on RFID technology for the Güdel Group’s tire trays used for storage and transportation of sensitive green tires. The new labels identify each individual tray, and thus the respective tire, in a fully automated production process. Güdel benefits from the new labels, as the performance metric of the process has improved.

With the special trays from the Güdel Group green tires can be transported fast and safely. Green tires are tires for cars, buses, trucks or motorcycles that have not been vulcanized yet and are therefore very vulnerable to damage. Güdel avoids the adhesive effect and scrap risk using sophisticated technology that allows the sticky green tires to be easily extracted without damaging them, which enables automation of the handling process.

In implementing this solution, the requirement for reliable and error-free reading of each tray to identify the respective tire posed a great challenge. “In a fully automated line, a high performance metric with minimized downtimes is necessary. This entails exacting requirements for the individual components. In addition, it was necessary to store a relatively large volume of data on the chip—fixed non-modifiable data, as well as variable data,” said Güdel’s project manager Stefan Güdel.

Many Challenges Met by a Single Answer: RFID Labels from Schreiner ProTech
Schreiner ProTech delivered an optimum solution in the form of ((rfid))-RTI Labels. “Due to the requirements for robustness, availability and ambient conditions, it was clear that only a solution using rfid technology would successfully achieve the objective. In addition, the opportunity to add in-process information opens up further optimization potential in production operations,” explains sales engineer Daniel Reichen from Schreiner ProTech.

Under laboratory conditions, the labels very soon delivered reliable identification of the tire trays and error-free storage of production data. Indicators regarding long-term process robustness are positive as well. “At the moment, the solution is still being validated in the production environment—currently over 2,000 tire trays are in the field and additional customer projects in the pipeline. We’re expecting a fast-growing number of tire trays to be equipped with the reliable and robust ((rfid))-¬RTI labels from Schreiner ProTech,” says Güdel’s product manager Aurelio Schmid.

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