Oberschleissheim,  20.05.2015

NFC-Sticker Wins ‘Best Product’ Award

Klaus-Michael Peter (Head of Production, Technology & Support, Austria Card GmbH), Jeffrey Barnhart (Founder and Executive Director, ICMA), Dr. Kai Schnapauff (Director Strategic Marketing and Business Development, Schreiner PrinTrust) and Richard Stooß (Senior Business Development Manager, Schreiner PrinTrust).

Every year, the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA) recognizes outstanding achievements in the global card industry. In the area of the most innovative technical achievements, the ‘Ceska Debit Black’ NFC-Sticker by Schreiner PrinTrust and Austria Card has now come out on top in the ‘People's Choice’ category and won the ‘Élan Award 2015’ for the ‘best product.’

The NFC-Sticker fulfills the expectations for contactless payment in line with the latest market trends. Consumers in Germany, who have a tradition of being critical, have now become receptive to this modern means of payment as well. Every third consumer in Germany would like to use their cell phone for payment transactions, according to a recent Bitkom survey. Projected to the number of cell phone users in this country, this would amount to nearly 13 million people – in Germany alone. The NFC-Sticker already makes easy contactless payment possible today, using any cell phone. The sticker is simply attached to the back of the phone and subsequently enables the user to conveniently pay smaller amounts in a contactless transaction – anywhere in the world where MasterCard® PayPassTM is accepted.

Award-Winning Product
The winning product named ‘Ceska Black Debit’ is an NFC-Sticker which Schreiner PrinTrust has developed for Austria Card and the Czech savings bank Ceska Sporitelna. Prior to mailing them to Ceska Sporitelna’s customers, Austria Card embeds the Schreiner NFC-Stickers in carrier cards and personalizes them with the customers’ details. “Contactless payments became very popular in the Czech Republic with more than 70 000 POS terminals available for this payment method (more than 65% of all POS terminals on the Czech market). The sticker represents a suitable accessory product to our card portfolio and is appreciated by certain segments of our clients".  says Marie Hešnaurová (Head of Cards Development, ?eská Spo?itelna).

Prestigious Award
That the NFC-Sticker provides an innovative response to the needs of our times and an optimum solution for cashless payments using cell phones has convinced more than 300 international experts from the card industry attending the 2015 ICMA EXPO as well.  After scrutinizing more than 65 product entries, the delegates judged them according to criteria such as complexity, technology, innovation, security and uniqueness. “We are particularly pleased about the ‘People's Choice’ award because in this case the delegates select their favorite products from all the entries received in any of the categories. This distinguished recognition by experts underscores that our innovative product exactly meets the current demands of the market,” says Kai Schnapauff, Head of Strategic Marketing and Business Development at Schreiner PrinTrust.

Benefits of the NFC-Sticker
The NFC-Sticker is based on the time-tested technologies for contactless credit cards. Payment is made by holding the cell phone with the attached sticker in front of a suitable payment terminal. The terminal recognizes the integrated NFC function and starts the transaction, which then is technically processed in the same way as contactless credit card payments. The utilization of NFC-Stickers requires no software installations and hardware modifications, which eliminates the need to invest in new or modified technology and the related security risks.

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