Oberschleissheim,  28.05.2015

Mobile Payment Innovation by Schreiner PrinTrust Based on an Infineon Chip

Schreiner PrinTrust’s NFC-Sticker is now available with Infineon’s SLE 77 chip.

Schreiner PrinTrust’s NFC-Sticker is now available with Infineon’s SLE 77 chip. The NFC-Sticker provides consumers with a particularly convenient means of payment that is secure and ready to use immediatelybecause it operates within the existing payment infrastructure.

The thin and flexible yet robust NFC-Sticker by Schreiner PrinTrust is EMV-conformant, allows flexibility in terms of software, features small dimensions and is easy to personalize. The utilization of Infineon’s SLE 77 chip offers numerous benefits. “With our chip technology we have made an essential contribution to the development of the Schreiner PrinTrust NFC-Sticker,” says Thomas Rosteck, Vice President & General Manager, Infineon Technologies. “The Infineon SLE 77 security chip is already successfully being used as a data safe in millions of smart cards. With our technological expertise we can now utilize it for new means of payments such as the NFC-Sticker as well.” Infineon’s Solid Flash™ technology that enables flexible data upload provides the basis for this. Furthermore, by drawing on many years of experience in the production of flip-chip products, Infineon is able to manufacture extremely thin and small chips that can be mounted on the flexible NFC-Sticker without additional connecting wires.

The NFC-Sticker is either a complement or an alternative to contactless cards and even works on metal housings. Therefore, mobile phones, which are always within reach, are particularly well suited as carriers for the sticker. Applied to mobile devices, the NFC-Sticker combines the advantages of contactless cards with the convenience of mobile phone integrated NFC solutions. It offers high transaction speed and and time-tested security technologies. Providers of payment systems can secure new market share in emerging markets with the NFC-Sticker and, at the same time, familiarize their customers with mobile phone based payment transactions.

Richard Stooß, Senior Business Development Manager at Schreiner PrinTrust, emphasizes the product’s benefits: “Our NFC-Sticker provides a ‘one-fits-all’ solution which payment system providers can customize with attractive design options and which their customers can immediately use irrespective of their type of mobile phone, service agreement or other variables.”

The NFC-Sticker is already successfully being used by numerous financial institutions in Europe and marketing of the sticker outside Europe has started as well. Paying by means of the NFC-Sticker is very simple for users: they just attach the sticker to the phone, activate it (like a credit card) and can immediately make their first payment. The utilization of NFC-Stickers requires no software installations and hardware modifications, which eliminates the need to invest in new or modified technology and the related security risks. In other words: easy, secure and instantly available mobile payment.

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