Oberschleissheim,  26.01.2016

Innovative Labeling of Intelligent Meters

The Smart Meter Gateways are interfaces between meter (electricity, gas, water, heat) and a data central.

Since Schreiner ProTech is a single-source supplier of both labels and application systems for component marking, Landis+Gyr, a world leader in the production of intelligent energy counters, has decided in favor of the joint development of an innovative labeling solution for the company's gateways. The labels are based on the tried and tested PreScript film, which is pre-printed with all the data required by the client. Schreiner Services adjusted the application system exactly to Landis+Gyr's production facilities.

"We preferred a label to direct inscription, since it offers more flexibility in printing and covers the marks produced during injection molding. In addition, direct inscription on the curved surface would have required a higher initial investment. The Schreiner ProTech solution perfectly meets all our requirements," explains Klaus-Juergen Leiting, Senior Project Manager at Landis+Gyr.

To ensure maximum process reliability, Schreiner ProTech also supplies the printing, dispensing and application system to Landis+Gyr. For this, the Schreiner Services Competence Center has recommended a solution that can be used as a semi-automatic work place during prototyping but offers the possibility of being integrated into fully automated mass production lines. Label application on the slightly curved surface called for a special stamp. The challenges posed by the project also included tight printing and application tolerances to be kept by the system.

"Our concept of supplying both label and dispensing system enabled us to offer an innovative solution which is economically attractive from prototyping through to mass production," says Daniel Reichen, responsible Sales Engineer at Schreiner ProTech. This was possible thanks to the cooperative and focused collaboration and Schreiner ProTech's "all from a single source" offer: "In addition to supplying the labeling solution, we also identify suitable systems such as printers, dispensers or software, and we can offer the complete package. It goes without saying that the package also includes service and maintenance. Simply everything from one single source," highlights Mr. Reichen.

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