Oberschleissheim,  14.01.2020

RFID Parking Garages at Schreiner Group

High-Tech Label: Employees Use their Own Innovation

Superb solution for smart parking with RFID: When a car with an ((rfid))-Windshield Label approaches the parking garage gate the barrier will open.

As a modern high-tech company Schreiner Group has been successfully selling smart solutions for automatic vehicle identification for many years. The leading provider of smart parking labels has now installed cutting-edge RFID technology in the two parking garages of its headquarters in the north of Munich.

For all employees of Schreiner Group, the convenience of parking at the company’s headquarters in Oberschleissheim has been raised to a new level. When a car with an ((rfid))-Windshield Label approaches the gate of the parking garage, the barrier will automatically open via the wireless technology of the RFID chip in the label. “I’m very happy that we’re now also able to make this innovative and successful technology available to our employees,” says Roland Schreiner, President and CEO of Schreiner Group.

The ((rfid))-Windshield Label Global, developed by the Schreiner PrinTrust business unit, was optimized specifically for use in automatic vehicle identification and mailing to customers. It is highly resistant against heat and sunlight—which is essential for long life on the inside of a windshield. Employees benefit from the high UHF RFID performance of the chip in any type of weather. Due to invisibly integrated, full-surface light protection, the chip is fully functional even when exposed to direct sunlight—unlike other products on the market.  

In addition to the practical benefit for its own employees, Schreiner Group, by implementing this innovation on its premises, would like to serve as a role model. President and CEO Roland Schreiner: “I hope that many of our customers will be inspired by our example and professionalize their parking facility management, too.”  

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