BitSecure – The Digital Copy Detection Technology for Mobile Authentication

Original or Fake?

A high-quality and effective medicine or an ineffective and potentially harmful imitation? Pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and inspectors have to answer these questions clearly and often promptly. The verification of a suspicious product frequently has to take place on the spot e.g. at customs, police or hospitals.

The digital security feature BitSecure enables reliable authentication. BitSecure uses a high-resolution random pattern. Its delicate details are not discernible by the naked eye. If a counterfeiter copies the pattern details are lost compared with the original. The reason is that the original print is produced from a high-resolution digital master whereas an illegal copy is based on a previously printed image. The quantity of the resulting loss of detail can be determined by means of a smartphone app or a handheld reader. Copies can thus be reliably distinguished from originals.

Counterfeit-proof, Economic and Quick

BitSecure is classified as being highly counterfeit-proof. As a random customized pattern it neither can be reconstructed nor copied undetected in digital form. Consequently, the bulk of originals can be reliably identified and any remaining suspected cases of counterfeiting can be further investigated.

The BitSecure feature can be seamlessly and efficiently integrated into existing marking and functional labels or packaging. It is typically produced in an offset printing process and requires a minimum area of 10 square millimeters.

BitSecure can be directly analyzed by means of selected smartphones or suitable handheld readers and matching software. This enables counterfeits to be revealed quickly and cost-efficiently in the field without any additional effort.