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Advanced Label Solutions for Security and Authentication

Schreiner PrinTrust is a specialist in the fields of security and authentication. We develop and distribute customized functional and security labels for authentication, anti-tampering protection and automatic identification.

System suppliers, card producers, suppliers of government solutions and security printers use our products to offer innovative security and authentication solutions to government institutions, banks, telecommunication companies, service providers and brand owners.

Schreiner PrinTrust’s portfolio is focused on customized RFID and security labels. For example RFID solutions for automatic vehicle identification, access control and compiling inventories, as well as security labels for PIN protection, evidence of fee payment and authorizations such as vignettes, stickers and transfer-seals.

Moreover, we create added value with holistic solutions along the process chain through to the final user. Our services include personalization, distribution, application, readout, evaluation and processing as well as online services.

Familiar with Your Requirements

As specialists in security and authentication, we know the specific requirements of your applications. Not only do we stand for maximum product quality and certified security processes. We are also a partner our customers can rely on in the long term.

All parameters of a successful product are customized and tested to suit your individual requirements precisely:

  • Product design
  • Technical functionality
  • Resistance
  • Print image
  • Adhesive behavior
  • RFID chip technology
  • Security features

The result: advanced solutions, which provide the best possible support for our customers’ processes.

“With our efficient and effective security and authentication solutions we enable companies and organizations to implement innovative business and service processes as well as to protect material and intangible assets.”

Dr. Kai Schnapauff
Schreiner PrinTrust

The Right Solution for any Challenge - Development Partner for Your Application

As an experienced partner, Schreiner PrinTrust knows the challenges you have to face. Customized consulting is the key to successful cooperation. That's why Schreiner PrinTrust takes a look at the entire process chain and develops customized solutions together with you. The result: future-oriented security and authentication solutions which integrate smoothly into your own processes.

The Right Solution for any Challenge - Development Partner for Your Application

As an experienced partner, Schreiner PrinTrust knows the challenges you have to face. Customized consulting is the key to successful cooperation. That's why Schreiner PrinTrust takes a look at the entire process chain and develops customized solutions together with you. The result: future-oriented security and authentication solutions which integrate smoothly into your own processes.

Our Competencies - Your Benefit

Security and authentication are critical core functions for our customers’ applications. Trust, cooperation and long-term reliable business relationships are essential.

Drawing on our expertise, we provide our customers with added value:

  • In-depth understanding of problems with regard to authentication applications
  • Top-performance product portfolio
  • Possibility of customized product design and value-added services
  • Know-how in key technologies in the fields of RFID, security technologies and printed electronics
  • State-of-the-art production methods
  • Security management
  • Powerful partner network

Trust Based on Absolute Security and Quality

When developing your product solutions, 100% confidentiality and security play a major role. To ensure that information does not fall into the wrong hands, Schreiner PrinTrust employs comprehensive top-level certified security management.

In addition, we place high value on consistent quality management with continuous process improvement and regular audits. Our customers can thus always rely on maximum quality and first-class services.



Our Customers and Partners

Renowned customers have been relying on solutions by Schreiner PrinTrust, the specialist in security and authentication, for many years. The importance of confidentiality and discretion is unquestionable, which is why we can only present a small selection of our references.

Successful Projects – Examples from the Field

  • Mail from the Savings Bank: Some 8 Million Letters with PIN Safe Label

    Whether for debit or credit card, cell phone or online account: for security reasons, PINs are mostly sent by mail separate from the card or access information. With PIN Safe for the Deutscher Sparkassenverlag (DSV), Schreiner PrinTrust has set new standards - in both the process efficiency of mailing house services as well as protection of the card issuer against unjustified claims for compensation. No matter if criminals attack the label with heat, cold, solvent or strongly focused light: The double-layer high-security label combines all key security features and protects the PIN against unauthorized access. Integrated security kiss cuts, void effect and individual brand hologram guarantee maximum security. Since 2007, Deutscher Sparkassenverlag (DSV) has been using PIN Safe from Schreiner PrinTrust for mailing personal identification numbers for debit and credit cards. Some 8 million PIN mailers using this solution are sent per year. DSV thus reliably prevents the PIN codes of German savings bank customers from being illicitly acquired. In addition to maximum security, an attractive exterior along the lines of the German savings banks' corporate design and the individually designed hologram were of great importance. Not only does the hologram confront counterfeiters with additional hurdles – it also gives the product an especially high-quality appearance.

  • Self-adhesive Insurance Plates for E-Scooters

    In many countries, electric scooters have already been utilized for some time as a practical electric mobility alternative in urban areas. To be street-legal in Germany, the scooters require a license plate. However, unlike license plates on cars, they do not represent a classic form of registration on these micro electric vehicles but provide proof of insurance, like on small mopeds. The small plate consists of three numbers and three letters and has to be visibly applied to the rear of the electric scooter. Because these small vehicles of various designs and makes often lack sufficient space to accommodate conventional metal plates, Schreiner PrinTrust was commissioned by insurance services provider GDV Dienstleistungs-GmbH to develop a practical adhesive plate. Applied to the exterior of the vehicle, the sticker combines long life with ruggedness. Integrated security features enable its authentication. 

  • On-Street Parking in Vienna:  Electronic Parking Sticker

    Since September 2016 an innovative, electronic ((rfid))-Windshield Label for On-Street-Parking from Schreiner PrinTrust has been replacing the previous parking sticker issued to residents of Vienna. It is a label for application behind glass based on UHF RFID technology which is conveniently read from a distance of a few meters for validity checks using matching readers. This new product development for automatic vehicle identification (AVI) has not only reduced the effort for inspectors, but also for the city of Vienna’s administration and for drivers themselves. Users apply the high-tech label to the upper right-hand corner on the inside of the windshield just like the previous sticker. One of its many advantages: The ((rfid))-Windshield Label for On-Street-Parking is applied only once. When the permit’s validity is extended, the old sticker no longer has to be scratched off and replaced with a new one. It can remain on the windshield for years. As a result, Vienna is able to process requests for extension more efficiently and economically. All owners can use them for the permits issued to them–even after moving to another district or selling the car. Privacy protection has a high priority: Only an identification number is stored on the chip, but no personal data.

  • The New Way to Park – ((rfid))-Windshield label for Evopark

    Schreiner PrinTrust has developed an ((rfid))-Windshield label for the start-up company evopark in Cologne, Germany, which makes parking in garages highly convenient. The innovative label was launched in Düsseldorf in 2014—since then, the system has been made available in about 33 cities and some 75 parking garages. After registering on the evopark website, drivers can check available parking spaces and get route directions via a smartphone app. In addition, drivers receive a personalized "evotag" by mail. The tag is equipped with an RFID chip, which opens the barriers of participating parking garages automatically. It also facilitates cashless payment and supports discount campaigns with retailers or restaurants.

    This innovative RFID application puts an end to irksome stopping at the barrier, taking a parking ticket and going to the pay station. Moreover, thanks to the co-operation with local retailers and restaurants, evopark customers can save money since the participating companies refund part of the parking fees. The remaining parking fees are billed transparently and paid via debit or credit card at the end of the month.

  • Free Travel through Warnow Tunnel Thanks to RFID Toll Charge System

    Every day, more than 11,000 vehicles drive through the Warnow tunnel in Rostock, one of Europe’s most advanced road tunnels. Since 2012, the private operator, Warnowquerung GmbH & Co. KG, has been using the reliable ((rfid))-Windshield labels from Schreiner PrinTrust for vehicle identification within the automated payment system. The company is still entirely satisfied with the chosen solution. "The excellent functionality of the ((rfid))-Windshield labels from Schreiner PrinTrust with their easy and smooth application makes shift managers’ lives much easier. The reading rate of 99.24 percent is virtually perfect. Drivers also receive the RFID behind-glass solution very well," sums up Christel von Gestel from the Warnow tunnel operating company. The reason for the almost error-free automated vehicle identification and data readout in moving traffic lies in the individual adaptation to on-site conditions. "Cooperation with Schreiner PrinTrust was efficient and positive due to the team's great dedication and the good product quality," enthuses Christel van Gestel.

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Schreiner PrinTrust News

Schreiner PrinTrust

Oberschleissheim,  11/24/2021

Security-printed product: Swiss Vignette

Getting caught without a “vignette” toll fee sticker in Switzerland is expensive, which is not surprising in view of the high costs the construction and maintenance of the country’s national roads entails. That’s why, since 1985, the sale of the vignettes for traveling on freeways has been an important element of financing these roads. However, this official sticker has also been subject to counterfeiting and tampering attempts. The responsible task of producing this security printing will be taken over by FO-Security as general contractor, together with Schreiner Group as print producer, starting in 2022.

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