Perfect Protection for Top Performance

The Robust RFID-Label

Schreiner MediPharm has developed the Robust RFID-Label as a particularly rugged yet flexible label for pharmaceutical and medical device technology applications. A label-integrated RFID chip enables contactless reading of individual vials and syringes on unit level. The RFID transponder is safeguarded by a special protective structure to ensure complete end-to-end RFID functionality from production to final use. This structure absorbs shocks and thus reliably protects the chip against damage.


  • Special label construction with integrated protective elements for absorbing mechanical stress
  • Flexible and very thin material that easily wraps around circular containers with narrow radii
  • Suitable for use with all RFID technologies (UHF, HF, NFC) and antenna geometries


  • Easily adaptable to existing label designs
  • Suitable for a wide range of circular containers, even those with narrow radii
  • Enables simplified integration into existing pharmaceutical manufacturing processes
  • Reliable RFID performance enabling perfect readability of the RFID chip across the entire supply chain

Easy RFID Implementation Using Robust RFID

Practically any label used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors can be provided with RFID. Due to their thin, flexible construction, RFID transponders can be easily integrated into labels for medicine containers, consumables or medical devices without impairing the existing design. However, effective and reliable performance of the label-integrated RFID chips across the entire manufacturing process chain up to and including final use is important in this context. The application process of RFID-Labels on circular containers with narrow radii such as vials or syringes, for instance, used to pose a major challenge.

The Robust RFID-Label and selection of suitable inlays (antenna + chip) can decisively help avoid potential damage to the RFID tags during production and handling processes.  

As part of a complex total solution, early consideration of the label design and its optimal integration is of major importance in most cases. Particularly in this early development stage, Schreiner MediPharm assists customers in taking technology-specific aspects (e.g. concerning UHF/HF) into account and adapting a specific label construction to the desired application and the manufacturing process. As a result, pharmaceutical manufacturers are provided with an effective solution ensuring process reliability and supporting product and patient safety.

During the development process of Robust RFID, as well as for the successful implementation of new projects, Schreiner MediPharm has extensive robustness and performance tests of the RFID-Labels performed by in-house Research+Development. These laboratory tests are based on findings obtained in real-world applications and manufacturing processes in customer operations.

Use Cases