A Pool of Specialists

Schreiner Group combines the three business units of Schreiner MediPharm, Schreiner ProTech and Schreiner PrinTrust. Each unit possesses specific customer and market know-how and is a technology leader in its field.

Operating under the Schreiner Group umbrella, the business units can draw on cross-functional exchange of knowledge and experience, and have access to the specific technologies of the competence centers. Based on these resources, they develop intelligent solutions that add value, simplify processes and reduce costs.

Schreiner MediPharm is focused on developing and producing innovative specialty labels and self-adhesive marking solutions with value-added benefits for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. For many years, the business unit has been delivering compelling customized solutions on a global scale that enhance patient safety and help optimize processes. Innovative product solutions and services by Schreiner MediPharm offer leading pharmaceutical corporations crucial competitive advantages.

Solutions for the
pharmaceutical and
medical device industry

Intelligent industrial marking solutions and film-based functional components for engineering-based industries: Schreiner ProTech is focused on innovative developments in this field. High expertise relating to the current challenges posed to companies, processes and products is a key factor of success in working together with international customers. Be it high-tech labels for marking purposes including Authenticity Protection, laser marking, pressure compensation seals, precision die-cut parts or protective films: Schreiner ProTech not only offers the product but also assures professional integration into existing customer processes. 

Solutions for
engineering industries

System suppliers, card producers, suppliers of government solutions and security printers have been relying on the services of Schreiner PrinTrust, the specialist for security and authentication, for many years. The reason for this is the company's extensive expertise in the development of labeling solutions and functional labels with security technologies for anti-tampering and anti-counterfeiting protection and RFID. These technologies play a major role in customized self-adhesive products for PIN protection, NFC-Stickers for contactless payment, RFID solutions for automatic vehicle identification and evidence of fee payment and governmental products such as vignettes, stickers and transfer-seals.

Solutions for
service organizations
and companies