Blauvelt,  07.01.2019

Schreiner MediPharm at Pharmapack 2019 in Paris, Hall 7.2, Booth B32

Digital Therapy Monitoring: Schreiner MediPharm to Present Smart Packaging Solution for Vials

With the Smart Vial Kit dispensing and intake of medications can be electronically tracked and monitored.

Schreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based global provider of specialty pharmaceutical labeling solutions for over 65 years, will focus on smart packaging solutions during Pharmapack 2019, February 6-7 in Paris. At its stand in Hall 7.2, Booth B32, the company will feature its new “Smart Vial Kit” digital therapy monitoring system. The product enables electronic tracking and monitoring of medication dispensing and intake, exemplifying Schreiner MediPharm’s reputation for multi-purpose, value-added labeling and packaging solutions.

Schreiner MediPharm’s innovative Smart Vial Kit is a multi-vial box covered with a cardboard layer of numbered, perforated areas corresponding to individual compartments. When the user opens a perforation at the starter tab, the removal of the vial is tracked by means of integrated, printed electronics.

The Smart Vial Kit is well-suited for use in clinical trials: Due to the solution’s medication adherence monitoring capability, enhanced and more reliable data quality is achieved. Compared with conventional, manual monitoring, the digital tool reduces documentation requirements, provides greater flexibility in adapting trial designs and reduces the trial period before the new medicine is approved. The smart packaging technology is also adaptable to other primary containers such as syringes. Instead of cardboard boxes, blister packs containing several containers can be equipped with the technology as well.

Various relevant data points – including exact removal time, the compartment from which the vial was removed, and the respective medication – are tracked in real time and automatically stored in the smart packaging. From there, this information can be read via a smartphone app using NFC (Near Field Communication) or Bluetooth and transmitted to a data platform for further analysis. As a result, the medication dispensed to a patient can be precisely tracked and monitored.

The Smart Vial Kit can be optionally equipped with temperature monitoring, which is particularly important for temperature-sensitive medications such as biopharmaceuticals. Additionally, via the associated app, diverse information can be exchanged or a reminder function integrated.

Other product highlights that Schreiner MediPharm will showcase at Pharmapack include the Smart Blister Pack for enhanced medication adherence by patients; an NFC label for digital authentication of autoinjectors; and UV and light protection labels for active ingredient protection of liquid medicines in glass containers.

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