Solutions for Protection of Medicines

Tampering Protection

For closure seals, diverse requirements have to be met. The tamper-proof sealing must not impair the readability of the prescribed information, and the prescribed text on the pack must remain legible after opening the pack. At the same time, the application of tamper verification features must not result in considerably more difficult handling and opening.

Counterfeiting Protection

Clearly identifiable authenticity features are highly important to experts, customs officials and pharmacists. In the case of security features providing proof of counterfeiting, a distinction is made between overt, covert and digital features. All features can be customized and flexibly combined with each other. This results in highly complex security labels that successfully put a stop to the counterfeiters’ game. 

Transparent-Hologram Seal

A Transparent-Hologram Seal with a void effect offers customized and highly decorative tampering protection - the integrated void effect appears after opening the packaging for the first time.

Fiber-Tear Closure Label

When removing the Fiber-Tear Closure Label, the cardboard surface of the packaging is irreversibly destroyed due to an adhesive that is ideally adapted to the material.

Reclosable-Void Seal

When the seal is opened for the first time, a message becomes visible. Simple re-sealing is possible - however with the triggered message remaining in place. This indicates that the packaging has been opened.

Cut-Through-Indicator Seal

When cutting through the specialty closure seal with a knife, colored parts of the seal are separated from it. Undetected re-application after exchanging products is impossible.

Integrated Counterfeiting Protection

The sample label SecuMed² shows the combination of selected overt, covert and digital security features for integrated, multi-level counterfeiting protection.

Security Color-shifting Inks

Color will change, depending on the angle of vision. The technology was originally developed for bonds and banknotes and is available to a select few security printers.

Embossed Holographic Images

Customized embossing design combines anti-counterfeiting protection with strong brand presentation. Diffractive structures enable the combination of overt and covert security features.

Thermo-chromatic Inks

Application of heat or cold produces a color shift. Rubbing the label proves its authenticity as a result of body heat. Color shifts can be individually adjusted in terms of temperature range and color spectrum.


For this sophisticated technology, invisible specialty pigments are printed on the security label. A handy reader enables fast authentication.


This technology integrates customized robust and colorless taggants into the ink. For authentication, they can subsequently be analyzed exactly on the product using a reader.


The copy detection feature works with a high-resolution random pattern. If a counterfeiter attempts to copy BitSecure, the fake, for technical reasons, will suffer a loss in precision and optical details.


This tracing system for product identification and authentication provides every packaging item with a unique identifier in the form of a 15-digit alphanumerical code that can be checked via Internet, smartphone or hotline.