Schreiner ProTech: Protection Films for General Industrial and Automotive Components

BENEFITS AT A GLANCE: „ „ Efficient handling „ „ Time and cost savings due to automated processing „ „ Geometries and materials adapted to the application and substrate „ „ Imprinting with warning, process or safety information „ „ Partially removable „ „ Permanently adhesive or non-residually removable „ „ No electrostatic discharge when peeling off the film „ „ Tested quality for automotive applications Dust, dirt, oil, chemicals and corrosion: General industrial and automotive components are pro- cessed, shipped and stored. This often entails exposure to harsh weather conditions and diverse environmental influences. Reliable protection is vital to ensuring impeccable processing and perfect performance of the products. The protection films from Schreiner ProTech cover components of various sizes, shapes and surfaces, either permanently or temporarily, which makes them an ideal solution for your products. Protection films provide: „ „ Protection against mechanical, chemical and climatic influences such as - Impact - UV radiation - Temperature fluctuations - Weathering effects and corrosion - Liquids such as water, oil and paint „ „ Protection against dirt such as dust „ „ Shielding against electric and magnetic radiation „ „ Noise control EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE: PROTECTION FILMS FOR DIVERSE APPLICATIONS 3 2