Schreiner Group Forum - Winter 2019

Schreiner Group’s development work is highly oriented to field applications. The close collaboration with our customers ensures that we are intimately familiar with their requirements and able to satisfy them. In order to live up to these standards, the Research and Development (R+D) depart- ment recently purchased an MCR302 rheometer. This instrument makes it pos- sible to determine the viscoelastic proper- ties of all printable materials across a wide temperature range. The resulting enhanced findings in the area of printable inks and fluids assist us in continually optimizing our processes. Printability heavily depends on the flow behav- ior of fluids, which is associated with various factors. Rheological measurements can detect changes in viscosity. For instance, an ink’s ten- dency to flow will change during and after its application or during storage and aging of these liquid materials. The new rheometer makes it possible to simulate pressure conditions in rotation and oscillation and thereby enables more efficient and stable printing processes. Rheology can also be used in quality inspections. Due to the expansion of the range of analyses and the detailed know- how of the company’s experts, Schreiner Group’s customers can continually rely on an extremely high quality of their products. The customers’ confidence and the requirements of the future commit and motivate the R+D team to keep developing products to new levels—for instance by means of rheometry. Rheometry: Measurements of Flow The new rheometer is used in R+D to investigate the flow behavior of printing and other inks, paints, varnishes, pastes and adhesives. Rheometry Rheology is a science that deals with the deformation and flow behavior of matter. In printing technol- ogy, the rheology of printing inks plays an important part. It decisively determines the behavior of the ink in the printing press, its transfer to the printing substrate and the quality of the printed product. Rheometry is a measurement method to determine rheolog- ical properties, for instance of an ink or adhesive. Schreiner Group 13