Self-adhesive or welded pressure compensation seals provide reliable, cost-efficient, water-impermeable yet air-permeable closures for component housings in a wide range of industrial applications. 

Specialty Membranes for Venting

Membranes which are both gas-permeable and water-tight are utilized to vent housings and other components. Schreiner Group has been working with this proven technology since 1997. Today, its annual production volumes are in the range of several ten million units. The membranes prevent stress inside a housing occurring as a result of pressure variations and thus increase the life of electronic components.

This technology is clearly more environmentally friendly than other protective technologies such as casting compounds and can be combined with diverse additional functions. The nameplate-integrated Pressure Compensation Seal (PCS) that serves both venting and marking purposes is a case in point. 

Long-Standing Development Know-how for Exacting Technical Requirements

With PCS: housing without deformation | Without PCS: deformed housing

Schreiner Group offers diverse membranes and, in terms of airflow and water tightness, modifies them to precisely suit the requirements of the respective application. Various sizes and formats, customized to the design and size of the component, are possible. Gluing and welding techniques are used to attach the seals.

In addition to the product itself, application and testing systems, as well as a wide range of services, are available. They include consulting support, a prototyping shop, contract PCS assembly work, tests of customer components, training programs for customers and life tests. Schreiner Group owns several patents in the field of “pressure compensation seals.”

Research and Development at Schreiner Group: Your Business Partner with State-of-the-Art Laboratory Equipment for Individual Application Tests

In-house R+D experts convert Schreiner Group’s comprehensive self-adhesion technology know-how and long-standing experience gained from numerous successful projects into cost-efficient solutions for durable and reliable membrane technology. From the creation of initial prototypes and laboratory samples, to conceptual pre-development of products and processes, to material qualification and through to process optimization in mass production, an expert team supports customer-oriented product solutions. They achieve the most exacting requirements of IP67 and IPX9K – dust-proof and protected against powerful hose water. 

  • Wide range of testing equipment for key performance and functional characteristics
  • Simulation program to calculate pressure conditions in a customer component for specific design of the pressure compensation seal
  • Laboratory-based accelerated aging techniques to test and prove the durability of the products
  • Camera inspection and functional tests throughout the manufacturing process to assure flawless quality


Industries and Fields of Application

Schreiner Group has continually been developing its pressure compensation seals further in order to meet maximum demands such as the loads acting on them in automotive underhood applications. The PCS HighProtect pressure compensation seal, for instance, features a top functional layer for protection against mechanical loads while a channel system underneath ensures venting. As a result, the requirements of IPX9K and thus steam jet resistance are fulfilled.

Membranes are utilized in a wide range of applications in automotive electronics, solar products, sensors, electronic components, in medical technology, and even in lamps.

To get an overview of Schreiner ProTech's product and system solutions for the ventilation of housings, please visit: 

Schreiner ProTech product overview

Prime Examples of Successful Products

  • Avalanche search devices
  • Pedestrian protection sensors
  • Headlight control in passenger cars
  • Transmission control units
  • Plugs for oxygen sensors (lambda probes)
  • Sound generators for electric vehicles
  • Photovoltaic junction boxes
  • Bellows
  • Insulin pumps
  • Tire inflation pressure sensors
  • Electric bicycles
  • Car keys / access cards
  • Automatic trunk openers


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