• Schreiner LogiData

    is specialized in RFID-products and solutions for RFID-Systems.

  • Schreiner ProSecure

    is specialized in Security Technologies.

  • Schreiner Services

    is specialized in Printing, Dispensing and Testing Systems.

  • Schreiner PrinTronics

    is specialized in technologies for Printed Electronics.

  • Schreiner Digital Solutions

    offers total digital solutions by combining digital services with smart labels from Schreiner Group.

Our Technologies

Business units with specific customer and market know-how and Competence centers that concentrate on selected technologies operates under the Schreiner Group umbrella brand.

Depending on the industry and individual customer requirement, a combination of a universal basic and complex special technologies will be utilized for the optimum solution.

Basic Technologies

Print Technologies
Modern machinery offers flexographic printing, silkscreen printing, digital printing, and letterpress printing processes. For complex customer requirements, even combinations of printing methods are possible in one manufacturing process.

Punching Technologies
Our precision punching and laminating systems are state of the art and deliver highly precise labels and functional parts with measurements that are aligned exactly to our customers’ specifications.

Paints and Coatings
With a pool of 700 base colors and coatings, a very high number of combinations can be produced, e.g., from Pantone, RAL, or HKS color fans, and be supplemented with visual or tactile effects depending on the printing process.

The basis for our labels and functional parts is composed of almost 90% plastic films. As a print substrate, they serve to ensure the high quality and durability of our labels. In addition, papers, tear-resistant, dimensionally stable non-woven textiles, and foams serve as spacers.

From over 100 different adhesives made from a rubber, acrylate, or polysiloxane base, the optimal material is selected depending on the requirement. Transfer adhesives and one- or two-sided adhesive materials with paper, films, metal, or foam backings are possible.