Welcome to Schreiner Group

A Family-Owned Business

Schreiner Group is a value-oriented family-owned business. We think and act with a commitment to sustainability and achieve as a strategic partner of our customers mutual success. Special technological innovations and outstanding quality are hallmarks of our high-end products.”

Roland Schreiner
President and CEO

High-Tech Labels Used Throughout the Industry

Schreiner Group specializes in the development and manufacture of functional labels and labeling solutions for a wide variety of industries. With respect to our customers, we view ourselves as a system supplier, developer, and close strategic partner.

Our highly technologically developed products are used everywhere in the world. They convey information, protect against counterfeiting and risk of injuries, accelerate processes, and also fulfill multifunctional requirements. In our daily lives, each of us benefits from these small and smallest multi-talented products and is dependent on them. 

The labels produced in a single year would amount to a distance of 126,000 kilometers. That’s more than three times the circumference of the Earth. In three years, you could even reach the Moon with the labels produced at Schreiner Group!

Close to Our Customers All Over the World

Schreiner Group has international production sites in Germany, the United States and China, all of which possess the same high-quality and technological standards as well as corresponding certifications.

At our headquarters in Oberschleissheim near Munich, the production is additionally certified for the highest security requirements. Our international sales network comprises 26 countries. 

Continuity and New Departures

Schreiner Group’s history begins in 1951 with Margarete and Theodor Schreiner, the two founders of the “M. Schreiner” specialized factory for embossed seal stamps and labels. In 1974, their son Helmut took over the management and, in turn, passed it on to his son Roland in 2012. In its third generation, Schreiner Group is still a family company and remains faithful to its principles under the leadership of Roland Schreiner. The values of innovation, quality, performance, and enthusiasm shape the spirit of enterprise at Schreiner Group.

President and CEO Roland Schreiner

History of the Family Company

  • 1951

    Margarete and Theodor Schreiner found the company “M. Schreiner,” a specialized factory for embossed seal stamps and labels, in a 45 square meter garage in the Laim section of Munich. With that, they took a leap into independence after the Second World War.

    Foundation of the Company

  • 1961

    Schreiner discovers self-adhesive technology, develops the first self-adhesive label and rebrands itself “Etiketten Schreiner” (Schreiner Labels). A move to a larger building in the Fasanerie quarter in the North of Munich becomes necessary.

    First Self-Adhesive Labels

  • 1974

    Margarete and Theodor Schreiner’s son Helmut Schreiner takes over the company. Annual sales reach DM 2.5 million. Within two years, sales double to DM 4.6 million, which necessitates another move, this time to Waldvögeleinstrasse in the North of Munich.

    Handing Over to the Second Generation

  • 1976

    Thirty-six employees celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company. The company is now called “Schreiner Etiketten und Selbstklebetechnik” (Schreiner Labels and Self-Adhesive Technology.

    25 years „Etiketten-Schreiner"

  • 1984

    Innovations play an important part in the 1980s: Schreiner Group upgrades its labels by additional functions, adding major customer value. The following years see a continuous extension of this strategy.

    Functional Labels with Value-Added Benefits

  • 1987

    The operations building in Waldvögeleinstrasse in the North of Munich is expanded and augmented with an additional floor.

    Expansion of Operations

  • 1993

    The company moves along with its 160 employees to Bruckmannring in Oberschleissheim near Munich, its current company headquarters.

    Company Headquarters in Oberschleissheim

  • 1998

    Schreiner explores new ground and founds its first international subsidiary, Schreiner Label Tech Inc. in Orion, MI , USA.


  • 2000

    The company expands its portfolio of services and offers complete system solutions, for example, the dispensing of labels. The number of employees increases to 400.

    Providers of System Solutions

  • 2002

    At Bruckmannring in Oberschleissheim, the second building is constructed. The company is given the name it still has today and founds its business units: Schreiner ProTech, Schreiner MediPharm, Schreiner ProSecure, Schreiner LogiData, Schreiner VarioLight and Schreiner Labels and Self-Adhesive Technology .

    Founding the Business Units

  • 2003

    When the third building at Bruckmannring in Oberschleissheim is constructed, the company has 460 employees and achieves annual sales of €67.1 million.

    Expansion of the Company Premises

  • 2007

    In the new Building 4, a logistics center is established. The completely automatic high-bay warehouse comprises 3,600 palette spaces and production areas for further processing and shipping.

    New High-Bay Warehouse

  • 2008

    The requirements of our American pharmaceutical customers are implemented with the founding of MediPharm LP in Blauvelt (NY), USA and the opening of the production site located there.

    Production Location in the United States

  • 2011

    The Schreiner Group umbrella brand consists of business units that concentrates on Markets and customers and Competence Centers that focus on special technologies and customer-specific added-value services. Through the close cooperation of the business units and the Competence Centers, every customer is provided with the full consulting competence of Schreiner Group.

    New Organizational Structure

  • 2012

    In order to be able to serve the automotive market in China, the Schreiner Group (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. company was founded. After 38 years managing the company, Helmut Schreiner transfers administration to his son Roland Schreiner and takes a position on the advisory board. At Bruckmannring in Oberschleissheim, Building 5 is constructed.

    Trading Company in China

  • 2012

    After 38 years managing the company, Helmut Schreiner transfers administration to his son Roland Schreiner and takes a position on the advisory board. At Bruckmannring in Oberschleissheim, Building 5 is constructed.

    Handing Over to the Third Generation

  • 2015

    The start of our own production in Shanghai, China represents another milestone in the internationalization strategy of the Schreiner Group.

    Production Location in China

  • 2016

    The growth-oriented family company is constantly evolving and, as a result, requires more space. Building 6 at our headquarters in Oberschleissheim is built as a carbon-neural "Green building".

    Grand opening of a new Office Building

  • 2019

    By opening another production site in the Munich metropolitan area, Schreiner Group has responded to its continuous growth. In an area of nearly 5,000 square meters, a significant share of the labels for the pharmaceutical industry is handled at the Dorfen plant.

    Production Site in Dorfen

  • 2021

    Schreiner Group is generating sales of around €190 million with an export share of 70%. More than 1,200 employees around the world work at our production locations in Germany, the United States, and China.

    Schreiner Group Today

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Awarded Many Times Over

Schreiner Group is "Top Innovator of the Year 2015". Robert Weiss (Head of Technology and Innovation Management), Ranga Yogeshwar (Top 100 Mentor) and Roland Schreiner (President and CEO) from left to right

Numerous awards confirm the innovative strength, environmental and societal responsibility, and the company’s role as an attractive employer.

2019 FINAT Label Competition
  Winner in the category of “Innovation” 16 years in a row, regularly among the top-ranked companies in the categories of “Products” and “Processes”
2019 TLMI Awards Competition
  Winner in the category "Excellence in Technical Achievement in the Printing of Flexography" with Needle-Trap
2018 Bayern Best 50
  Awarded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs as one of 50 fastest growing medium-sized companies in Bavaria
2016 Successful & Family-Friendly
  Awarded by the Bavarian State Ministries of Labour and Economic Affairs as family-friendly company
2015 World Label Award
  Awarded with the “World Prize” 4 years in a row, regularly among the top-ranked companies
2015 Top 100
  Top innovator of the year
2015 Apprenticing Company of the Year
  Awarded by the German Print and Media Association
2013 Lean & Green Efficiency Award
  Winner among small and medium-sized corporations in the “Mechanical Engineering” category
  for the successful implementation of lean methods
  that contributed to the conservation of resources

Industry and Market

Schreiner Group is an active member in various industry associations. With our commitment, we influence the development of the market and track current trends that then get incorporated into product development as well.

  • AIM-D Trade Association for AutoID-experts, -explorer and -companies
  • CNRFID Centre National de référence RFID
  • DGQ German Association for Quality e.V. 
  • DIN German Institute for Standards e.V.
  • FINAT International Trade Association for the self-adhesive labeling and adjacent Industry
  • NASPO North American Security Prod. Organization
  • OE-A Organic and Printed Electronics Association
  • VDA German Association of the Automotive Industry; membership contribution is based on the number of employees reported
  • VDI Association of German Engineers
  • VDMA German Engineering Federation 
  • VEA German Association of Energy Consumers
  • VBPV Association of the Bavarian Paper, Cardboard, and Plastics Processing Industry
  • VDMB Bavarian Print and Media Association
  • VSKE Association of Manufacturers of Self-Adhesive Labels and Narrow Web Converters