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Whether for credit card, cell phone, access to the internet or online banking – nowadays virtually impossible without PINs (personal identification numbers). Customized solutions help to ensure that PINs are kept 100 percent secret until they reach the recipient and that any attempt of tampering is clearly evident.


The PIN ZIP paper label is applied on top of the secret code on forms and letters, thus protecting it against unauthorized access. To read the PIN, the perforated starter tab is removed and the number revealed. The label backside has been conceived in a way that even a very bright light source will not be able to make the PIN code visible. The label can be provided with one or with several tear-open tabs.


  • Access to the secret code with easy-to-use starter tabs by simply tearing open along the perforation
  • High-quality printing of even the most sophisticated logos, fonts and colors
  • Individual cover designs in terms of size, colors and shape
  • Quick processing on all common dispensers