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Evidence of Fee Payment and Proof of Authorization.
((rfid))-Parking Permit

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Efficient parking lot management also includes efficient monitoring of parking permits. This ensures that no unauthorized parked cars hamper legitimate users and enables the operator to sanction any violation.


The ((rfid))-Parking Permit helps to identify vehicles quickly and easily. Contactless identification is carried out from a distance of several meters, which greatly reduces the monitoring effort. Data transmission via RFID also works without direct visual contact. Visual verification of the print image on the Parking Permit and of its integrated security features is also possible.


  • Comfort label: verification of parking permits via RFID without direct visual contact
  • Reliable: optimal transfer performance enables readout from a distance of several meters
  • Customized: designed as a card or label with individual print image
  • Durable: no need for batteries
  • High-quality: UV and temperature resistant
  • Attractive: clean and neat appearance provided by state-of-the-art printing methods
  • Intelligent: customized programming and serialization
  • Secure: integration of anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering protection features