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The Schreiner Group business units offer customized solutions for countless industries.

Product Authentication for Engineering-Based Industries.
  • The BitSecure copy detection pattern on an electronic component

  • A label with various anti-counterfeiting features

  • A logistics seal with the digital KeySecure feature

  • A security label with a hologram as an overt feature

  • A seal with the BitSecure copy detection pattern and Datamatrix code

  • Inconspicuous integration of BitSecure in a nameplate

  • Application of the BitSecure copy detection pattern by laser engraving

  • Logistics seal with integrated security features

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Original or fake?


The combination of security features enables reliable authentication of marked products and documents—either by laypersons or experts, as required.


Individual selection of security features, as required

Example BitSecure

  • Reliable authentication using handheld readers or smartphones
  • Easy, nearly covert integration into functional labels
  • Cloud-based user and system administration of mobile readouts