Oberschleissheim,  26.09.2019

Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) Recognizes Schreiner Group

World Label Award for Color Laser Film with a Fingerprint

Schreiner Group’s CLF 2 with fingerprint effect has been recognized with the 2018 World Label Award in the category of “Innovation–Excellence in Technical Achievement in Printing.”

The Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) has recognized Color Laser Film 2 (CLF 2) with a fingerprint from Schreiner ProTech with the 2018 World Label Award in the “Innovation – Excellence in Technical Achievement in Printing” category. The award-winning entry is a tamper-proof marking solution for vehicles. Embedded in the label’s adhesive are lumogens—for instance in the form of a logo (symbol or wordmark)—that migrate into the vehicle’s paint. If the label is illegally removed from the vehicle the removal can be proven under UV light.

Color Laser Film (CLF) from Schreiner ProTech for customized, emission-free marking of nameplates has been established in the automotive industry for years. Two requirements motivated its further development: First, the increased demand for counterfeiting protection in general and second, the specific requirement established by Chinese legislators that the application of a label to a vehicle has to remain detectable even after the label has been removed. The result is the new CLF 2 with a fingerprint that makes undetectable tampering with automotive nameplates impossible.

“With the CLF 2 with a fingerprint effect we achieve clearly higher counterfeiting protection than any other system on the market,” says Thomas Wolff, product manager at Schreiner ProTech. “In addition, our CLF is the only variable marking system worldwide enabling the labels to be inscribed after the protective overlaminate has been applied.” The tamper-proof CLF 2 with a fingerprint has been delivered to renowned automotive customers since 2018.

Last year, CLF 2 with a fingerprint effect impressed the FINAT judges, too, who recognized it as the best product of the European label industry in the categories of “Innovation” as well as "Innovation & Electronic Printing.”

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