Oberschleissheim,  07/09/2018

Reliable Pressure Compensation Combined with Component Protection against External Influences

Schreiner ProTech’s Mini PCS Ensures Maximum Measuring Accuracy of First Sensor’s Air Conditioning Control Units

In addition to effective pressure compensation, the mini PCS from Schreiner ProTech delivers reliable protection against intrusion of liquids and dirt for the air conditioning control unit from First Sensor. Mini PCSs are dispensed via the Slimline Label Feeder from pb tec solutions.

The mini pressure compensation seal (PCS) from Schreiner ProTech was selected by First Sensor, a global leader in the field of sensor technology, as the closure solution for the housings of its air conditioning control units. The small, self-adhesive membrane combines effective equalization of pressure differences inside the housing with reliable protection of the highly sensitive sensors in the component’s interior against external influences like liquids and dirt. By combining these functional features, the mini PCS assures the accuracy of the sensors used for measuring volumetric flow rates.

In air conditioning control units, even the lowest flow rates have to be measured with high accuracy, for which sensitive flow sensors are used. To ensure that they deliver impeccable results, these meters must be protected against the intrusion of dirt particles. At the same time, pressure compensation must be guaranteed because both tiny dirt particles and trapped air can detune the sensor.

The mini PCS developed by Schreiner ProTech as a housing closure is a small, self-adhesive membrane with a diameter of only 3 millimeters. It consists of a precision die-cut, self-adhesive ring and a precisely fitting membrane disk. This design ensures effective pressure compensation combined with reliable sealing of the hole in the component housing against water, oils and fuels. As a result, the sensor is effectively protected and delivers exact meter readings. For fast and easy processing of the mini PCSs in First Sensor’s operation, Schreiner ProTech found a solution as well: The tiny membranes are automatically applied during the SMD assembly process using a Slimline Label Feeder from pb tec solutions.Serial production and deliveries of the air conditioning control units using the integrated mini PCSs started in September 2017.

About First Sensor
First Sensor is a global leader in the field of sensor technology. The company develops and produces standardized and tailored sensor solutions for the detection of light, radiation, pressure, flow, fill level and acceleration for applications in the Industrial, Medical and Mobility growth markets.

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pb tec solutions GmbH is a successful sales company and consulting firm in the field of electronics manufacturing. Its main product segments are Automatic Optical Inspection, Feeding Technology, Marking and Traceability.


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