Oberschleissheim/Dorfen,  30.05.2017

Keys Handed over at New Production Site

Schreiner Group Takes Over HAWE Facility in Dorfen

Keys handed over: CEO Roland Schreiner, mayor Heinz Grundner and executive board member of HAWE Karl Haeusgen

Schreiner Group continues to be headed for growth, now moving into a new production facility in Dorfen near Erding (Germany). Karl Haeusgen and Wolfgang Sochor, members of the executive board of HAWE Hydraulik SE, the former owner of the premises, today handed over the keys to CEO Roland Schreiner. The move into the facility, configuration of the machinery and respective customer audits at the new plant will take place over the course of 2018.

In keeping with its maxim of “continuity and new departures,” Schreiner Group is not only enlarging its international footprint but continuing to grow in Germany as well. In parallel to its ongoing extension of the facilities at its Oberschleissheim headquarters, the company is adding a site in Bavaria by taking over the former HAWE plant in Dorfen near Erding. The handover of the keys today was attended by CEO Roland Schreiner, advisory board member Helmut Schreiner (Schreiner Group), executive board members Karl Haeusgen and Wolfgang Sochor (HAWE Hydraulik SE) and the mayor of Dorfen, Heinz Grundner.

Focused on “Operational Excellence”
Production operations that are fully focused on “operational excellence” will take center stage at the new site. “Operational excellence means the continuous and dynamic optimization of all processes and structures combined with the objective of enhancing cost efficiencies through standardization,” emphasizes CEO Roland Schreiner. “Our overarching business strategy is based on the principle of customer intimacy. We define ourselves as a strategic partner and are committed to comprehensively satisfying our customers’ requirements in every respect—from the delivery of cost-efficient standard products through to innovative, custom-developed high-tech solutions centered on the integration of RFID, printed electronics and complex security technologies into labels, with line manufacturing of most standard products planned to take place at the new Dorfen site in the future.”

Ideal Conditions in Dorfen
With a lot size of 12,000 square meters, its outstanding transportation infrastructure including a connection to A94 (from 2019 on) and proximity to the airport, Dorfen is an ideal manufacturing location for Schreiner Group. In terms of its architecture, the facility precisely meets the requirements of the high-tech company as well. Like Schreiner Group, hydraulics manufacturer HAWE is a member of the Munich-Upper Bavaria Energy Efficiency Network and committed to continually reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in its operations. In 2012, the company was awarded the Energy Management Certificate for successful implementation of diverse energy reduction measures. “We expect that only minor conversions will be necessary in Dorfen. Detailed site planning, including the structure of the workforce, the machinery and the actual production launch date, is currently in progress, says Roland Schreiner. “Clearly, the profile of our manpower requirements will be diverse—ranging from operations employees to facility management. We would be delighted to recruit skilled staff from the region when we are ready to hire.”

Local, National and International Growth
The new plant in Dorfen will not in any way affect the close ties to the community of Oberschleissheim that has been home to Schreiner Group. “Expanding our scope by the new production site is an investment in the future of our company,” Schreiner explains. “We intend to grow at all of our locations, pursuing respective plans in Oberschleissheim as well as across the country and internationally.”

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