Oberschleissheim,  12.06.2020

Certainty for a Feeling of Natural Riding

Proof of maintenance and tamper protection for the e-bike belt drive

Picture caption: Brose drives run extremely quietly with hardly any vibration. The precise sensor system provides exactly the right amount of extra power.

The motor is the centerpiece of an e-bike. The belt drive from Brose Antriebstechnik features an extremely quiet, robust and low-maintenance design and makes for a feeling of natural riding. The belt is installed in a protective housing. For reliable proof of the most recent maintenance, Schreiner ProTech developed a tamper-evident label with first-opening indication for Brose Antriebstechnik modified to suit the customer’s needs and the application. The label reliably indicates any unauthorized opening of the housing and thus potential tampering attempts.

During scheduled servicing it is important for the shop to see if the most recent maintenance was expertly performed and that the belt has not been tampered with since then. A label from Schreiner ProTech modified to suit the customer’s needs and the application guarantees this. Special die cuts will destroy the label in an attempt to remove it and indicate any unauthorized opening of the housing, thus protecting the manufacturer and bike retailers against unjustified warranty claims.  

The development posed the challenge of modifying a basic label for permanent adhesion to the powder-coated surface of the drive housing and destruction in a peel-off attempt. The font and color of the label match Brose Antriebstechnik’s corporate design.

“Together with Schreiner ProTech we developed a label that fully meets the requirements for our premium e-bike drives in terms of high-grade appeal, quality and technical design,” says Holger Pries, Head of Development Brose Antriebstechnik. The label optimally ensures and documents that the drive has exclusively been serviced in a professional manner or is in original condition.

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