Oberschleissheim,  04.09.2018

Schreiner ProTech at IZB, Hall 1, Booth 1110: Connectivity, Electrification, Globalization

IZB 2018: High-Tech Labels from Schreiner ProTech for the Major Industry Trends

Color Laser Film with a fingerprint effect: When the CLF is illegally removed from the vehicle the lumogens embedded in the adhesive can be verified under UV light.

Schreiner ProTech will present its broad product portfolio supporting current mega trends in the automotive industry at this year’s IZB from October 16 to 18. Connectivity in automotive manufacturing and application, electric mobility and autonomous driving as well as the globalization of markets generate new requirements down to component level. The high-tech labels from Schreiner ProTech address these demands. Highlights at Booth 1110 in Hall 1 include the newly developed ((rfid))-DistaFerr Global Label for process automation in any worldwide frequency range and Color Laser Film 2 which, thanks to a fingerprint effect, enables tamper-proof vehicle identification.

Connectivity, electrification and globalization are key trends the automotive industry is currently focused on. Change affects the entire product lifecycle—from manufacturing and service life to the recycling process—and impacts even the smallest vehicle components.

Product and Brand Protection in Global Markets: New Label with Fingerprint Effect
Globalization entails the need to step up efforts in product and brand protection. The greater the complexity of ramified supply chains and markets the higher the risk of counterfeiting. To limit this risk, Schreiner ProTech has developed Color Laser Film 2 (CLF 2): a label for tamper-proof vehicle identification with a fingerprint effect that was the innovation award winner in this year’s competition of the European association for the self-adhesive label industry (FINAT). Embedded in the label’s adhesive are lumogens—for instance in the form of a logo or word trademark—that migrate into the vehicle’s paint. Subsequent illegal removal of the label from a vehicle can be demonstrated under UV light.

For tampering protection of individual components, the proven BitSecure copy detection technology featuring a recently optimized smartphone app for the validation process will be showcased at the trade fair booth. The technology is based on a digitally generated, high-resolution random pattern. In an attempt to copy it, the image will suffer a loss in precision and optical details. The resulting loss in detail is detected by means of a smartphone app or handheld reader, thus revealing a faked product.

RFID Labels for Connectivity in Manufacturing and in the Vehicle
Networked manufacturing where a component and a machine communicate with each other, processes are automatically controlled and the supply chain is tracked from end to end is one of the aspects of connectivity. It is enabled by RFID labels applied to components, containers and shipping racks. To make the deployment of this technology possible even in adverse manufacturing conditions and on metallic surfaces, Schreiner ProTech has developed the proven labels of the ((rfid))-DistaFerr family. Highlighted at the IZB booth will be the new ((rfid))-DistaFerr Global Label that was specifically developed for companies with a global footprint and is usable in all worldwide frequency ranges. The label is optionally available as a LongRange version with read range of up to six meters.

In the area of on-board vehicle connectivity, Schreiner ProTech will showcase the ((rfid))-Windshield Label for automatic vehicle identification, for instance at parking garage entrances or toll gates, at the IZB booth. The label not only enables  contactless access authorization checks but also supports the implementation of innovative payment and billing models. 

Product Solutions for Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Driving
Electric vehicles use components such as charging and control units or batteries that do not exist in automobiles with internal combustion engines. Autonomous Driving applications involve special components as well, such as camera and sensor systems. Reliable identification, connection and pressure compensation solutions are required for these components too. At IZB, Schreiner ProTech will present relevant products including Electronics-in-Film (EIF), self-adhesive die-cut parts and pressure compensation seals.


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