Oberschleissheim,  01.09.2014

Cashless payments with any cell phone: NFC-Sticker for customers of Czech Savings Bank

Contactless payment is gaining ground in Europe and the Czech Republic, where more than two million contactless payment transactions will be recorded this year, is playing a pioneering role in this field. ?eská spo?itelna, whose customers can conveniently settle small charges thanks to the NFC-Sticker developed by Schreiner PrinTrust, has been instrumental in this. Compared to contactless credit cards, the MasterCard® PayPass® NFC-Sticker offers greater ease of use – with equal security.

Since its market launch in August 2013, the NFC-Sticker has become very popular with the customers of ?eská spo?itelna, a subsidiary of the Austrian Erste Group Bank, and not only with a younger target group. Simply applied to a cell phone, the sticker easily and conveniently extends the functionalities of any mobile device by the payment function. The cell phone lends itself for use as an excellent carrier since it is always within reach. Compared to a contactless card application, the NFC-Sticker provides customers with additional time savings and convenience. For the customer, the NFC-sticker is easy and convenient to use. Amounts up to 500 CZK (approx. 18 euros) can be paid without entering a PIN and without a signature. On the account statements, the sticker transactions are marked separately in order to make these payments more visible. In case of loss or theft, ?eská spo?itelna guarantees a refund.

In the Czech Republic, there are already more than 30,000 terminals from different service providers available for contactless payments. Furthermore, thanks to fulfilling the MasterCard® PayPass® standard, the NFC-Sticker by Schreiner PrinTrust can be used as a means of payment worldwide. 

The NFC-Sticker by Schreiner PrinTrust is very thin and flexible in comparison to similar products. Prior to mailing the sticker to customers, the partner company Austria Card embeds the NFC-Sticker in a personalized carrier card. Provided with the customized design and logo of the bank the customer can always tell whom he or she trusts when making contactless payments.


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