[Translate to American English:] Blickdichte Rubbelfläche mit holografischem Motiv sorgt für größtmögliche PIN Sicherheit
[Translate to American English:] PIN Sicherheit durch Void-Schriftzug für partiellem Ablöseeffekt

PIN Protection: No Chance for Tampering with PIN Safe

Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) are personalized keys to confidential data of bank or telephone accounts as well as to highly sensitive applications involving modern electronic identification systems (eID). Therefore, PIN security is of paramount importance. Considerable damage is often inflicted on both the consumer and the provider when a PIN has gotten into the wrong hands and no one has noticed. This makes reliable PIN protection more important than ever. In PIN Safe, Schreiner PrinTrust offers a high-tech product that satisfies all PIN protection requirements combined with particular cost efficiency.

PIN Safe Offers

  • Reliable protection against tampering and counterfeiting*
  • Highest security level 4 acc. to UK Cards Standard 72 **
  • Void inscription with partial peel-off effect
  • Opaque scratch field with holographic image
  • Economical PIN mailer personalization using standard paper and fast application on all common dispensing systems
  • The low weight of PIN Safe allows for mailing additional advertising material without higher postage rates or may reduce postage costs

* Tested by Fogra
** Tested by Smithers PIRA

PIN Safe is Used on Forms and Letters for

  • Bank and credit cards
  • SIM cards
  • Online banking
  • Official applications such as

    • Electronic ID cards
    • Health insurance cards
    • Vehicle registration certificates