Schreiner PrinTronics

Innovative Technologies for Printed Electronics

We develop and realize particularly thin, flexible and multilayer film products based on printed electronics.

Schreiner PrinTronics: Competence Center for Printed Electronics

Printed electronics offer a wide range of possible applications.

Our Competence Center Schreiner PrinTronics has in-depth know-how in printing silver, carbon, insulation, die-cutting of metal foils as well as contacting and roll-to-roll industrial processing. Schreiner PrinTronics' experts develop and realize particularly thin, flexible and multilayer film products for electrical conduction, switching, measurement and control based on printed electronics:  

  • Printed conductive traces
  • Antennas
  • Heating elements
  • Reflectors
  • Multifunctional user interfaces
  • Sensors

Functional and lightweight, thin and flexible: What was previously incompatible is now possible with printed electronics—this is what our Competence Center Schreiner PrinTronics promises.

Printed electronics for labels and functional parts
Electronics in Film (EIF)

Printed Electronics for Labels and Functional Parts

Printed electronics refers to the combination of conductive materials as well as varnish and ink systems that are transferred to film, paper or other substrates in multiple layers over a large area and at low cost. In doing so, they take over tasks of conventional electronics with special processing capabilities.

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Schreiner PrinTronics:
the Partner for Printed Electronics

Based on in-depth know-how in printing silver, carbon, insulation and vias as well as in die-cutting metal foils, Schreiner PrinTronics has further developed roll-to-roll printing of electronics with high precision. Conductive traces are realized by die-cutting or by means of screen printing of silver and carbon pastes.

Technical know-how

  • Flexible films: smallest bending radii, double-sided electrodes without complex laser structure, compatible with potting and injection molding processes
  • Contacting by gluing, crimping or plugging: high conductivity despite low film composite thicknesses, corrosion protection at the contact points for homogeneous and stable functionality over a lifetime
  • Simple application: depending on the process, as bulk material, sheet material or endless on a roll
  • Automatic processing: filigree and complex film components possible thanks to sophisticated technology

Range of services

  • Sound technology and product development
  • Extensively equipped physical measurement laboratory and pilot plant for the qualification of materials and products
  • In-house development of new functions and manufacturing processes
  • Modular construction system 
  • Consulting from the application idea to series production readiness
  • Holistic thinking and acting in accordance with a certified quality and safety management system

Development topics

Schreiner PrinTronics' research and development focuses on the integration of functional conductive structures, chips, LEDs, and flat and flexible batteries.

  • Functional displays and lighting – Integration of flexible, electrochromic foil-based displays with simple color change
  • Integration of chips and assemblies
  • Flexible batteries: Integration of flat, flexible foil batteries with multi-year life  for a power supply of sensors and loggers and displays