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“With customized solutions for industrial marking, functional films and products for authenticity protection we will help you streamline your processes and make them more secure. Our corporate values – innovation, quality, performance and enthusiasm – are the basis of our activities, making us a strong partner of our customers.”
Thomas Köberlein
Schreiner ProTech

A Passion for Innovation

  • Certified development partner and system supplier to the automotive and electronics industries, and mechanical engineering
  • Innovative product solutions for industrial marking purposes and authenticity protection
  • Film-based functional components that make processes leaner and optimize costs
  • International presence with sales, consulting support and production in Europe, North America and Asia
  • Engineering of standard and special machines for processing and testing the products
  • Long-standing collaboration with customers and suppliers in a spirit of partnership


“With customized solutions for industrial marking, functional films and products for authenticity protection we will help you streamline your processes and make them more secure. Our corporate values – innovation, quality, performance and enthusiasm – are the basis of our activities, making us a strong partner of our customers.”
Thomas Köberlein
Schreiner ProTech

Successful Projects – Examples from the Field

  • Transmission Control: Nameplate with Integrated Membrane Simplifies Assembly Process

    Schreiner ProTech has developed an efficient pressure compensation solution for the transmission control units of MELECS EWS. In addition to Pressure Compensation, it includes component marking and thus clearly simplifies the manufacturing process at MELECS.

    Combination of Pressure Compensation Seal and Marking

    In this solution, the membrane-based pressure compensation seal (PCS) is integrated in a TTR-printable nameplate. As a result, the component can be vented and permanently marked at the same time. The PCS guarantees optimum Pressure Compensation combined with protection of the sensitive electronics against dust and moisture. The PCS and nameplate are automatically dispensed and applied as a Self-Adhesive Label in a single pass, which eliminates the need for time-intensive work and the related additional process costs for separate installation of pressure compensation valves. Bernhard Pulferer, CEO of MELECS EWS, says: “Schreiner ProTech has substantially simplified our manufacturing process by combining the PCS and nameplate. This saves costs and strengthens our competitive edge.”

    Druckausgleichselemente sorgen für einen optimalen Druckausgleich und schützen Elektronik gleichzeitig vor Staub und Feuchtigkeit.
    Eine Kombination aus Druckausgleichselement und Typenschild vereinfacht den Fertigungsprozess und spart Kosten.
  • Documentation of Repairs: Serialized Marking Solution

    Schreiner ProTech has developed a plastic clip with laser-engraved code and human-readable text, as well as two silver-colored labels made of Color Laser Film (CLF) for the Bosch QualityScan. As the world’s leading manufacturer of diesel injection systems, Bosch attaches major importance to top-quality repairs. Therefore, in the Bosch QualityScan, the company is now offering garages and consumers transparent web-based documentation of common rail component repairs by authorized garages. Schreiner ProTech supplies the elements for respective proof.

    Two Solutions from a Single Source
    “As a result, we’re receiving exactly the two solutions we need from a single source,” says Dirk Schoenfeld, Engineering Project Manager Automotive Aftermarket at Bosch, commenting on the innovative proof of quality. Account Manager Axel Müller from Schreiner ProTech explains: “By using our proven Color Laser Film and the new development for laser engraving the plastic clips, we were able to successfully achieve a solution for two different requirements.”

  • Avalanche Transceiver: Pressure Compensation Seal Protects Electronics

    Devices used to search for avalanche victims increase the victims’ chances of survival many times over. The “Barryvox” high-tech tool by Mammut makes it possible to precisely locate several people due to highly complex electronics that have to resist harshest ambient conditions. Adequate electronics protection is provided by a rugged housing for which Schreiner ProTech supplies the pressure compensation seals (PCS). They ensure venting of the transceivers and prevent moisture ingress.

    Functional Component for Protection against Excess Pressure and Moisture
    Pressure compensation seals prevent excess pressure in the electronic housing and, at the same time, are completely impermeable to water due to a special membrane. “The membrane resisted our load test, which simulated a dive in an alpine brook”, says Ilari Dammert, Product Manager at Mammut. As a result, users can be assured that the transceivers also work in heavy snowfall, rain and wet conditions.

  • Tachograph: High-security Seal Protects against Tampering

    Schreiner ProTech, together with Continental, has developed high-security seals that indicate attempts to tamper with tachographs by opening their housings at first glance. The seals combine a Void Effect, Hologram and sequential numbering

    Visible Tampering Protection Thanks to Seals
    When police officers or customs officials conducting routine checks suspected that drivers had not taken their mandatory breaks or spent more than the legally permissible time behind the wheel in the past, they had to perform complex examinations of the tachographs for potential tampering attempts. Tachograph housings consist of two parts that are closed with a screw. This is the weak area that allows people with criminal intentions to tamper with the device. The seals are placed precisely on top of the screw and the connecting edges of the housing parts. They immediately indicate if someone has tampered with the tachograph.

  • RFID Special Development: RFID Label (UHF) with a 4K Chip(UHF)

    Schreiner ProTech, together with Siemens, has developed a new RFID label (UHF) with a 4K chip (4KByte) for Siemens’ new Simatic RF600 reader generation. The 4K chip offers 53 times more storage capacity than conventional RFID solutions. This capacity is required for complex processes in manufacturing control. In addition, manufacturing-relevant data is stored on the product or transport container in the automotive sector and in the process industry.

    RFID Including Process Know-how
    The technology corporation had three reasons for selecting Schreiner ProTech as its development partner: industry-specific process knowledge, specific know-how in manufacturing RFID labels, and knowledge of potential suppliers and cooperation partners.

  • Packaging of Plastic Vials: Breathable Container Closure

    Re-sealable, dirt-repellant, air-permeable: Intelligent protective films often have to perform several functions. For a renowned biotech company, Schreiner ProTech has designed a special product solution which is breathable and thus prevents the packaging of plastic vials from bursting while being shipped as air freight. At the same time, the innovative cover protects the sensitive vials again dust and dirt.

    Fully Automatic Processing that Includes Venting
    The customer applies the Protective Film on a dedicated packaging line in a clean room environment. Fully automated processing of the material ensures reliable sealing of the blister packs. Thanks to the venting function of the Protective Film, the blister packs sustain no damage during air shipment and hygienic handling of the vials is assured.

  • Energy Meters: Marking and Application System

    As Schreiner ProTech supplies both the labels and the application system for marking components from a single source, Landis+Gyr, a global leader in the production of smart energy meters, opted for the joint development of an innovative marking solution for its gateways. The labels are based on a proven PreScript film. The required application system was optimally adapted to Landis+Gyr’s production process.

    Labels and Dispensing System from a Single Source
    “With our approach of supplying the label and dispensing system, we are able to offer an innovative solution that is economically attractive from the prototyping stage through to large-scale production,” says Daniel Reichen, the responsible sales engineer at Schreiner ProTech. This was made possible by the targeted collaboration in a spirit of partnership and the “all-from-a-single-source” opportunity offered by Schreiner ProTech.

Certified Quality on the Highest Level

Quality management is one of Schreiner ProTech’s top priorities. It is guaranteed by certifications which entail periodic review of compliance with quality standards by independent auditors.

In line with ISO/TS 16949 certification, Schreiner ProTech practices systematic quality management on the highest level, directly aimed at increasing customer satisfaction. 

The Right Solution for any Challenge

Ventilation of Housings Overview

Ventilation of Housings

Electronics are not installed in an absolute vacuum but in a component surrounded by air. Their operation combined with external influences such as changes in temperature can result in excess or negative pressure inside the housing. Pressure differences heavily stress assemblies and their components, and may cause damage to the housing through which water or dirt may enter. A Pressure Compensation Seal (PCS) that equalizes pressure differences and, at the same time, ensures that neither water nor oils or fuels can enter the housing from the outside can be essential to the smooth operation of electronics.

The PCS product solutions from Schreiner ProTech offer:

  • Secure retention: fastening by self-adhesive coating or ultrasonic welding
  • High airflow rate for fast compensation of pressure differences between the housing and the environment
  • High water retention capability
  • High product design flexibility: PCS are variable in terms of shape, size, material and adhesive - customized solutions are possible
  • No mechanical fastening to the housing, eliminating the need to change the housing geometry
  • Low height < 0.5 mm
  • Packaging on rolls for manual or automatic application for ease of handling, integration into manufacturing line is possible


Renowned References – Broad Customer Portfolio

Trust is the basis of a strong partnership. However, trust is not a gift but the result of long-standing cooperation. 

Many companies of international importance rely on Schreiner ProTech as a dependable strategic partner serving them with powerful performance capabilities, know-how and experience. 


"What I like most about my job? The direct contact with you. I love getting to know other companies and accompanying them over years, working together to find well thought-out solutions and celebrate joint successes."
Michael Lamke
Sales Engineer
Schreiner ProTech


"What I like most about my job? The direct contact with you. I love getting to know other companies and accompanying them over years, working together to find well thought-out solutions and celebrate joint successes."
Michael Lamke
Sales Engineer
Schreiner ProTech

Development Partner on Equal Terms

Schreiner ProTech works together with customers in early project stages. The cooperation goes beyond product development and includes customized solutions for production launches, equipment for batch production and logistics concepts.

Support in Early Development Stages

  • Innovation workshops and technology consulting
  • Consulting support for process integration and processing 
  • Risk analysis for counterfeiting protection 
  • RFID process analysis


Services during Product Development

  • Product development with more than 50 specialists precisely meeting objectives
  • Laboratory for material testing
  • Product validation according to automotive and industry standards
  • Rapid prototyping


Production Launch and Logistics Services Support

  • Printers, dispensers, special machines, testing equipment
  • Installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and spare parts 
  • On-site production launch support by technical personnel
  • Assembly services
  • EDI
  • Connection, consignment warehouse, etc.

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Schreiner ProTech News

Schreiner ProTech

Schreiner ProTech is the world’s first company to have developed a custom-printable variant of a steam jet resistant pressure compensation seal (PCS). The new version of its PCS HighProtect is the result of a joint project with an automotive customer. The top film of the membrane is custom-printed using thermal transfer (TTR) printing. The resulting value-adding function for instance makes the PCS suitable for use as an information label or nameplate, allowing automotive OEMs and suppliers to eliminate a process step and to save material and maintenance costs.

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LogiMat 2018

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13 - 15 March 2017

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